Reasons to Buy Baja American Racing Rims

When you buy Baja American Racing rims, you are continuing a proud tradition that goes back the beginning of the drag racing tradition. These wheels not only look amazing, but they back up those looks with strong performance. American Racing has always built their custom wheels for performance at high speeds. As you might expect, the wheel that truly performs also has the great looks and the enchantment of intentional quality.

There’s really no reason to buy your wheels and tires at two different shops. Instead, let us put together the perfect rim and tire package for your needs. We have all of the major brands in stock, and we provide free balancing and mounting. We will mount your tires to your new rims with the best and latest equipment. We also provide a guarantee that your new package will be a perfect fit for your car if you talk with one of our wheel and tire experts.

Once you buy Baja American Racing rims from us, you get a package that includes complimentary mounting and balancing using the Hunter Auto 34 tire mounting process that is touchless, as well as the Hunter Road Force GSP9700 machines that give the wheels balance. Your ride will roll smoothly, without vibration, even if you don’t use wheel weights. There are no other companies that invest in that grade of technology.

If you want extended life for your tires and enhanced fuel economy? The answer to the problem is nitrogen. It keeps your tires at proper inflation much longer, and it keeps the tire pressure more consistent over time. Because nitrogen is neither combustible nor flammable, you can an improvement in terms of safety.

When it comes to tire pressure monitor sensors (TPMS), you definitely do not want to move the factory sensors from the original wheels to your replacement set. You run a huge risk of damage, and you no longer have the option to switch quickly between the factory and custom replacement wheels, whether for snow or for racing. The new TPMS sensors are a small cost but we can install them so you don’t have to.

Are you interested in having your tires and wheels as secure as possible? Get wheel locks that keep these new, valuable items on your vehicle as long as possible. This makes their monetary and aesthetic value last longer. If you buy a set of security locks, you have purchased the cheapest and simplest way to keep your investment safe.

If you want to do the installation yourself, installation kits are available for free from the manufacturer, standard with all wheels, including the American Racing Baja rims. The kit has all of the items that are necessary to install these new wheels on your vehicle. There are chrome bolts or lug nuts to take the place of the factory hardware and even chrome sleeved stems for the valve and hub rings if you need them.

When it comes to custom wheels, American Racing is the original wheel company. In the 1960s, their light alloy represented a new wrinkle in technology as well as making them one of the most stylish options for the real muscle cars back then. The roots of American Racing are in drag racing, and none of its competitors have more knowledge about bringing power and pavement together. Other companies are really good about making attractive wheels that lack a lot in the area of performance. Instead, American Racing has always stayed with its root philosophy. You can trust that American Racing wheels are going to be the real deal in terms of performance. Their light weight means that they won’t bounce as they roll. Instead, they will be attached to the road in order to keep the horsepower on the road. These cars are shaped to keep the brakes cool as well as to absorb the worst of the curbs and potholes out there. Because Baja American Racing wheels are going to be the very best in performance, there is no better vendor than American Racing, the group that invented the custom wheel, way back in 1956.

If you want American Racing Baja rims for your own car, take a look at our website. We can put together an order for you in no time, and once they come in you’ll be pleased with the results!

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The American Racing Mainline 893 Wheels

One of the top supplies of American racing wheels is the American Racing company, and this has been true for over half a a century. However, many of this company’s products are sold to owners of street cars and even trucks. Sure, they have the distinctive look and feel of racing tires, but many models are affordable enough for average consumers to buy.

If you are looking for American Racing Mainline 893 wheels or rims, it is important to make sure you purchase the right ones for your street or racing car. In fact, these wheels are perfectly fine for street cars, and they are favored by many owners of high-performance vehicles that will never see a race track.

The American Racing Mainline 893 Wheels

These rims will fit cars and trucks, but it is a good idea if they are the type of rims recommended for your vehicle, and the use you tend to put your vehicle to. The Mainlines are offered in different styles and sizes, so it is a good bet that you can find the right ones for your car or truck. However, it can save you some frustration if you take the time to be sure before you order and wait for delivery.

To find out more, you can consult some experts on American Racing wheels Hubcap, Tire and Wheel. The experts here will guarantee fitment for your vehicle so you aren’t buying the wrong bolt pattern or offset. The lightweight design and durable construction can make many cars perform and handle better, but there may be better choices for some specific cars.

Mainline 893 come in to different finishes:

– Chrome
– Gloss black

They also come in a variety of sizes. These range from 16×9 all the way up to 22×9. They also come in a variety off offsets and bolt patterns. If you are not sure which set you need, contact the store for free assistance.

If you tell the folks at the offline or online shop the year, make and model of your vehicle, they can surely help you. If they can’t help you, you would probably be better off shopping elsewhere anyway. After you find the size and style, you just have to pick the color!

Both colors of all sizes also have the same distinctive spoke design that makes them recognizable as products of American Racing. This company was founded by a trio of racing wheel innovators who met way back in the 1950′s. Their original designs are still remembered as classic rims during the era of muscle cars and street drag racing. You have probably stopped to look at some wheels with distinctive spokes, but you might not have known what there were.

After half a century, the company did change hands, but it still has a reputation of putting out good rims for people who want to get the most out of their sporty cars. The mainline rims and wheels are a notable successor to this tradition, but they can be found in a lot more styles and offsets than typical racing towers. That is why you might even find them on a truck or other type of vehicle that is not usually associated with this company.

Learn More About Racing Mainline Wheels

If you want to learn if these rims are a good choice for your vehicle, you might get advice from some racing wheel experts. Lots of people praise these wheels, but there could be better choices for your specific make and model of car. The surface that you tend to drive on might matter too.

These experts are usually found at specialized online wheel/tire distributors or retail stores. Tires, wheels, and rims are expensive, so it is prudent to do as much research as you can in advance.

The American Racing Mainline 893 wheels can be found at many shops that specialize in racing tires too.

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Spruce Up Your Ride with American Racing AR23 Wheel and Rims

Your car does not need to stay just as plain as it came from the manufacturer. After all, many people are likely to have the same car. If you appreciate style and love to stand out, you should customize your vehicle with different accessories or add-ons. Customization adds a personal touch to your car, which says a lot about you.

Personalization mostly caters to two things: aesthetics and performance.  Personalization does not have to be expensive. For example, with our American Racing AR23 wheels sale, you can be sure of upping your ride without breaking the bank. Below are some of the things you can customize:

Car decals and stickers

With a variety of stickers on the market, you can add that much-needed glamour to your ride to make it unique with your favorite design. When choosing car stickers, go for those that will help you make a statement. You can place the stickers on the front windscreen, hood, side and other areas. Just make sure they will not obstruct your view when driving.

Car body paint

You can also customize your car with a good paint job. Thanks to modern spraying machines and color mixing technology, you can practically get your ride painted in pretty much any color you want. The paint job can be of a single color or multiple colors. The options here are numerous, with some paint jobs including quality graphics and artwork. For even more personalization, you can design the artwork and graphics yourself and have them painted on your car.

Vanity plates

Add a personal touch to your ride with a personalized number plate. In most cases, you can buy pre-designed and registered personalized plates. You can take these a notch higher by coming up with your own vanity plates and getting them registered. However, before you install personalized plates, check the legal implications. In some states, various vanity number plates are not allowed. Do not get in trouble with the law for having illegal vanity plates.

Interior accessories

Personalization does not only apply to the exterior but can also be applied to the interior. Since you will spend most of your time in your car, make it as comfortable as possible. You have a lot of options in this segment ranging from custom seats, customized floor mats and high quality music system. So the seats installed by the manufacturer’s seats do not tickle your fancy? Do away with them and get bucket seats instead. You love your music and the manufacturer’s radio system just doesn’t cut it? Get an upgrade that will even rival the music system in your house!

Custom wheels and rims

Let us just agree that some manufacturer’s hubcaps and stock wheels are just plain boring! However, the good news is you can get your ride fitted with custom wheels and rims that will not affect its performance or insurance cover. If they affect your car’s performance, it will only be to improve it. If you are looking to upgrade your hubcaps, you should get the rims and tires as one package. This can go a long way in eliminating a lot of hassle when fitting the caps. Apart from this, you want to have all your rims matching.

Do you want a unique and urban look for your ride? Nothing makes a statement than custom wheels and rims. For example, with 16×8 American Racing AR23 wheels and rims, you will make a bold statement about your urban style. Not only do you get respect on the street, but your ride will also exhibit bold performance.

16×8 American Racing AR23 wheels and rims have never failed to impress. These are the wheels to go for when you want a package that not only has great design, but also unrivaled performance. The wheels and rims are bold, sleek and come in a variety of designs. Make sure you get genuine American Racing AR 23 rims from a reputable dealer who can guarantee their quality.

At Hubcap Tire & Wheel, we are one of the leading and trusted dealers on American Racing AR23 wheels. For over 30 years, we have been supplying car enthusiast with quality personalized aftermarket wheels from different reputable manufacturers. Click here to view the range of American Racing A23 wheels and tires we have at our store.

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Purchasing Rockstarr Wheels Online

Rockstarr wheels are some of the best wheels and rims available due to their quality workmanship and attention to detail from the KMC Company.  One of the best online sources for the product is Hubcap, Tire and Wheel, who has been in the automotive and custom wheel business since 1985, or over 28 years. In working with this company you will have the opportunity to have a wide variety of choice, including the popular Zeppelin line, which is a huge seller.

The wheel purchaser buys custom wheels to set himself apart and make a statement about what he is driving and the custom wheel industry provides a terrific outlet for these people. Folks are able to find a great variety of aggressive styles and designs in many different finishes. The finishes can be further customized to provide additional customization to suite the ideas and needs of the consumer.

The custom wheel industry has grown from an afterthought as a sub-industry into a multimillion dollar source of a product that is sought after and followed by millions of adoring fans and buyers, which is the important part. It is a mark of distinction for an individual to own a set of distinguished custom wheels or rims.

Hubcap, Tire and Wheel offers free shipping anywhere in the continental United States, which is unheard of especially since the cost of shipping anything has really gone up quite a bit lately. This amounts to a considerable savings when considering the fact that custom wheels and rims are not lightweight items to ship.

Styles Of Rockstarr Wheels From Which To Choose

When it comes to custom wheels, Rockstarr stands out from among the pact as a leader in style and design. You can tell a Rockstarr by its uniqueness and the way that the style literally “pops” out at your so that you cannot resist admiring it. The styles that are available include the Rockstarr Dynasty series, the Rockstarr Firehouse series, The Rockstar Bush series, the Rockstar Leggs series, and of course the Rockstarr Zeppelin series. The wheels come in different finishes from chrome, chrome on black, and black on chrome.

Rockstarr wheels are manufactured to portray that kind of class that leaves a permanent impression about the vehicle to which they are attached. The Rockstarr brand will be a great fit on any car, SUV, or truck that a person owns, and will create a look that everyone will remember for a long time to come. With the ability to check and purchase your wheels online, it makes things easier overall.

Additional Features

When you decide to purchase your wheels, not only will you have free shipping for your wheels to anywhere in the continental United States, there is also a convenient layaway plan. This allows a non-refundable down payment of 20%, and then a 90-day period of time to pay the remaining balance that is due. If for some reason, the purchaser cannot pay the balance of the cost, he will be refunded any money that was paid beyond the original 20%. This does allow the buyer to spread out his cost a bit.

There is an expert call center available that is staffed with knowledgeable folks who are able to answer any question that you may have, and will happily do so. You may have questions about something that you have seen online, and they can go right to the page and be sure that they know what you are referring to, and get the issue resolved. They are also available for purchases that you can make right over the phone. They will make sure that all of the specifications of the wheels or rims match up with your vehicle before they charge your card, as there is a guarantee that they will fit or you will get your money back. If there is a non-fit issue, all you have to do is get the wheel back to the company in the same new condition in which it arrived.

The company accepts nearly all forms of credit and debit cards including Paypal and Paypal’s Bill Me Later concept.

Give us a call now, and ask us any questions you may have, and order your next set of custom wheels for your car, SUV, or truck today!

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American Racing 8 Lug Wheels

American Racing Equipment, Inc, also called American Racing® (AR), builds high-performance, aftermarket wheels including 8 lug rims (fuel rims).  It was founded in 1956 by Romeo Palamides, a pioneer in drag racing whom teamed up with Jim Ellison, a machinist living in San Francisco, and engineering innovator Tom Griffith, an employee of a leading company in aftermarket wheels.

About American Racing 8 Lug Wheels

When purchasing American Racing fuel rims you can buy with confidence.  You know you have superb rims that are free of blemishes and that will last for years to come.  These rims are built into a wheel and tire package that is sure to fit your SUV, truck, or car wheel hubs.  Additionally, these wheels come with free road force balancing.  Giving the wheel a forged appearance, these rims are equipped with chrome or polished lips.  Also, they come in different finishes and custom paint jobs, for those who want their rims customized.

What really gives these 8 lug wheels a distinguished look of their own is their eight spoke design.  For example, the American Racing AR321rims appear to be aggressive, but still has a clean look to them.  In addition to the rims’ tight spokes, their crisp lines also make the rims stand out.
Commonly available models of American Racing 8 lug wheels are:

  • The AR Perform AR901 in “satin black machined” color with sizes of: 17 x 8.5, 18 x 9, and 20 x 9 inch rims.  Each size is available in 0 mm and 20 mm offsets.
  • The AR708 in “matte black machined” color with sizes of 17 x 8.5, 18 x 9, 20 x 9, and 22 x 9.5 inch rims.  Each size is available in 0 mm and 20 mm offsets.
  • The AR363 Haze in “glass black with diamond cut lip” color, but available in only size 17 x 7.5 inch rims and with a 45 mm offset.
  • The AR321 Fuel in “glass black with diamond cut lip” color and in sizes of 16 x 8, 17 x 8, and 20 x 8.5 inch rims with 0 mm, 25 mm, and 30 mm offsets respectively.

The American Racing 8 lug wheels are structurally warranted for a lifetime and the finish is guaranteed for one year.  Damage done to the rims outside of normal usage is not covered under the warranty including extreme abuse or deliberate destruction.  However, if you do need to return a rim, you’ll need to bring it back to the licensed distributor you purchased it from and they will submit the warranty back to the manufacturer.

Ordering Rims Online

If you consider purchasing new rims for your car or truck, consider American Racing 8 lug wheels.  American Racing Equipment Inc is has been a prominent manufacturer of rims for over five decades.  Over time they have perfected their designs to be light for better speed and fuel efficiency, but yet rugged enough to endure driving over curbs and potholes.  They have several styles to choose from offering variety to potential customers.  Again, custom painting is available enabling you to have rims that match your car’s body color.

The Hubcap-Tire-Wheel site has great deals on various types of rims and complete wheel and tire package deals sure enough to please even the most finicky race car drivers.  If you’re uncomfortable with ordering wheels online, no problem.  Simply fill out their short form with choices from their drop down menus as the year, make, and model of your car and this vendor will verify these rims will fit your car, even before they charge your credit card.

Eight lug wheels are available for over 40 makes of cars, even some you never even heard of.  Common makes are Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ferrari, Honda, Lexus, Toyota, and many more.  Makes of cars go back as far as 1964 so even if you have a vintage car from the 1960s, there is a good possibility that you can find new rims for it.

Not only does Hubcap-Tire-Wheel offer free shipping worldwide, they offer free mounting and balancing also.  If you need special accommodations for fitment of your new wheels, they may be able to help you there.  Also, if you’re still unable to make your new rims fit, they have a 100% money back guarantee. Hubcap-Tire-Wheel also accepts all major credit cards, Paypal, and Paypal Bill Me Later.

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