XD Series Wheels – These rims are stylish and also work horses

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XD Series Rockstar rimsDo you have a truck or SUV that you need or want some extremely tough looking wheels with some of the most unique designs on the planet? If you fall into that category please go check out KMC XD Series wheels. This is exactly what you have been searching for. There is no need to exhaust any more of your ever so important time.

I personally know someone with a set of XD Series wheels on their black SUV. He has a black Sports Utility Vehicle with black XD wheels and it looks so good. I know the black on black look is really coming around and is getting more and more popular. Even myself, I have black wheels on my black car. XD Series wheels have many different type of all black or black and machined combinations.

XD Series wheels are affordable and will put up with the stress you give them

Don’t worry about getting different sizes. There are a lot of sizes for you to choose from. If you want to step up to that 22 inch or that 24 inch range with your lifted truck then get a set of XD Series wheels because now is the time to do it. The prices are very affordable.

There really are a lot of different styles to choose from with XD Series wheels and they look really good on all trucks, Jeeps or SUVs. There are some wheels that have only four spokes and there are other wheels that have almost a solid face to them. Those with more a solid face is going to be able to really taking a beating on the trails if you have an off-road truck or a trail riding Jeep.

Travis Pastrana is sponsored by KMC who makes the XD Series wheels

The XD Series is a branch of the world famous KMC brand. If you haven’t heard of KMC then I’m sure you have heard of the name Travis Pastrana. Travis was a famous dirt bike rider who won a lot of championships but is now in the auto racing world. He is sponsored by KMC and he now is in his second season racing in NASCAR’s nationwide series. Not only that, he races in the Global Rallycross Championship events when his schedule allows it. Travis knows about going face and being in competitions. He went with KMC wheels because of their reputation and what KMC can bring to him.

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Dub Wheels: What is so special about them?

DUB wheels logo

Turning heads and getting the attention of the urban scene is the goal of every driver and would be player. It goes without saying that in traffic everyone would like to be treated differently in the good way and many drivers will actually try to earn their fellow drivers’ respect by showing off with a unique blend of taste and style. With that in mind, the only way you will be able to achieve this is to actually consider the custom Dub Wheels. This is one of the fastest and best ways of giving your car extra touch, which will earn you the respect you want.


Dub Bandito WheelsIf there is something about these types of Dub wheels, it is a fact that they are affordable and you will not have to worry about spending a fortune on them. Not only that, but when you will finally installed them, you will leave a long lasting and positive impression in the urban playground.

The durability with Dub wheels is excellent

Regardless for which wheel you would like to replace with an equivalent from Dub wheels, you will be very happy to know that they will last you for many years to come. These custom rims are a powerhouse of advanced engineering and modern technology, which means that they will resist tarnish and rust, but a high quality finish for miles in the end. If you want to save money in the end, but also have a car that looks quite amazing, then going for these models is your best bet.

You get style with Dub wheels

The Dub wheels actually feature a limitless combination of style, models and shapes so that the result will only be a product that will make your vehicle stand out and leave a long lasting impression. After all, you’re dealing with a committed and loyal manufacturer, so you can only except that your unique preferences and tastes to be completely satisfied.

With styles ranging from sharp to slender and from verbose to bold, the capacity of these types of wheels to match your personal style and of course, your vehicle is effortless.

With that being said, it seems that if you really want to have a ride that looks amazing and everyone will turn their head to get a glimpse of it, and then you will certainly need to consider some Dub wheels for it. They are not only sleek and stylish, but also very durable!

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Status Rims are unique and classy

Status Rims Logo

Status Knight 6 Black RimsWorried about finding the right wheels? It’s a decision that a lot of people might stress out about. I will help explain what to do and what not to do when buying a new set of Status rims or any other type of custom wheels. I will also cover the different styles Status rims offer. There are some very unique looking wheels as well as classy and more luxurious rims that is offered in the Status line.

With Status wheels you are able to choose from all different types of finishes and sizes. You can find everything from black and machined, chrome, all black and much more. If you are looking for something very unique that you don’t see often then I would go with a model such as the Status Opus rims. They are an all solid rim with little windows on the outside edge. This style of rim is the style that really gets the attention of onlookers that see you driving.

Finding unique models with Status rims

If you don’t know a whole lot about custom wheels and their sizes you can’t just go out and buy any set that you see. That is the mistake that a lot of people make when they search for wheels from friends, Craigslist or eBay. People will go online and search for the cheapest coolest wheels possible, buy them, then find out they don’t actually fit on their vehicle. Before buying a set of wheels online without any knowledge you have to do some research to make sure they fit. Another extremely unique rim is the Status Grinder rim. These have one single blade across them and that is it. It almost looks like a wide lawn mower blade. You can also make a safe bet that this will probably get the most looks from entire Status rims line.

Guaranteed fitment when you go with Status rims

You won’t have to worry about that problem when you order a set of rims from Hubcap, Tire & Wheel because they have wheel and tire experts with decades and decades of experience in the wheel industry to give you guaranteed fitment or your money back. So when you order your set of Status rims you will know 100% that they will fit on whatever type of vehicle you have whether it is a car, truck or SUV. They will also help you out getting a perfect fitting tire along with your new set of Status rims.

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Quality and Attention to Detail is what is behind XO Wheels

XO WheelsOne of the most distinctive features that can set a particular model car different from another car are its wheels and while most high end car manufacturers do provide a number of different eye catching wheel options to each of their model cars, many high end car owners wish their car to stand out amongst all others. There are a number of manufacturers with wheels for sale that cater to the high end car line, XO Wheels being one of those that provide highly desirable wheels to those looking to stand out among the rest.

Luxury wheels are not just about looks; they are also about quality and attention to details. There are hundreds of companies, which have rims for sale but few have gained the prestige that XO Wheels has managed to capture. Luxury wheels do not just happen; they are a product of research and development, a high standard of quality and most of all a market understanding that includes the ability to see into the future of the high-end car industry.

XO Monaco Gunmetal Machined Rivets Wheels RimGet quality with XO Wheels

The innate ability to predict the direction of the luxury wheel market is and always has been the biggest obstacle for companies with wheels for sale. Moreover, there are dozens of companies with wheels for sale that simply follow the trend. A few have finger on the pulse of the luxury wheel industry such as XO Wheels.

Again, attention to details coupled with the highest quality in materials and manufacturing techniques are what raises a true luxury wheel to the top. These wheels gain the attention of the luxury wheel and tire retailers as well as the true car aficionados. The lack of quality and attention to detail is evident from those companies that have lowered their quality of rims. High-end car owners and wheel retailers simply do not recognize these companies.

XO wheels put time and effort into their product

For many of the larger wheel manufactures, profitability is the bottom line so to turn out a larger number of wheels for sale, both quality and craftsmanship are compromised, so much so at times that they ultimately move away from the luxury wheel market and focus on lower end, high volume wheels for sale. Not making such a compromise is what has kept XO wheels at the top of their game even after 30 years. Still a family owned and operated company, XO wheels continues to provide the superior quality luxury wheels to the high-end car market.

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Versante Wheels – Improving all aspects of your vehicle

Versante WheelsBoth wheels and tires are vital parts of all land vehicles. However, many people are not aware that the two are different. Most of the time people confuse the wheels as the tires and vice versa. For the sake of giving you information, wheels are made of steel while tires are the round rubber casing that is mounted onto the wheel. In addition, when it comes to wheels Versante wheels are the best.

Versante 219 Chrom WheelsReason to Choose Versante Wheels

People every day are always on the move towards different directions. This may also include you going to the office, to the mall or just about anywhere. Having a reliable car will assure you that you will be able to arrive safely to your destination. Thus, it would be a big help if you keep your car well maintained through regular check up by a dependable mechanic.

Aside from keeping your car well maintained, you also have to take into consideration the parts of your car such as the rim. Versante wheels can provide you custom made wheels guaranteed with top quality materials to provide strength to your vehicle. Each design is carefully made and tested to ensure that it provides utmost resistance to corrosion.

Versante wheels and rims come in all sizes from 17 inches up to 24 inches. They also come in two different colors–Black-Machined and Chrome. All of these Versante wheels are a great choice with manufacturer’s warranty. Free shipping is also included.

Importance of Choosing a Good Wheel

The wheel should be one of your first considerations when ensuring your car’s dependability and safety. Your vehicle is not just about bringing you from point A to B. Safety should be put into consideration and when it comes to safety Versante wheels are guaranteed to have great resistance against friction.

Most people nowadays choose alloy wheels as they are extremely attractive and shiny plus it makes the vehicle look smarter and sportier. Versante wheels offers custom made, classic and timeless designs that you can personalize depending on your taste. Aside from that Versante wheels improves the performance of your vehicle. The alloy rims are lightweight which makes handling easier because the suspension can easily follow the terrain.

The most important aspect of lightweight wheels is the overall performance that you can feel during your ride. Versante’s lightweight wheels improve fuel efficiency since the load of your car is reduced.

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