Spec-1 Racing Wheels – Track, Staggered, Street, Luxury, Custom

April 19, 2016 0

Spec-1 Racing Wheels: SP Series, SP-1, SP-3, Trak Edition, SP-6, SP-16, SP-9. Trak Series, SPT-5, SPT-7, SPT-9, SPT-17. Monotec Series, SPM-75, SPM-78, SPM-78R. Spec-1 Racing is a fairly new name in the business, but they’re gaining ground quickly. The custom wheel business is competitive, so you can’t just come to the table with any old wheels and expect to carve a name for yourself. That’s why Spec-1 is hitting hard with futuristic designs and top-quality manufacturing techniques, creating custom rims that look like they’re straight off an exotic European sports car, at way more reasonable prices. Whether you’ve got a fancy sports car, a custom car, or even a more mundane ride, these wheels will add a serious kick to your vehicle. And of course […]

New 2016 Fuel Wheels – Off Road, Beadlock, Custom, Truck, Jeep, SUV

April 19, 2016 0

New 2016 Fuel Rims: Anza D583, Assault D576, Turbo D582, Cleaver D573/D574, Coupler D575, Flow D587, Recoil D584/D585, Vector D580/D579, Titan D588, Renegade D264. Fuel Off-Road is the top dog in off-road wheels, there’s no question about that. And they’ve earned that spot at the top through years of producing the best wheels around for off-road enthusiasts. Their rims are ideal for anyone who lives to ditch the city streets and hit the rocks, sand, mud, or dirt track. They’ve got fitments for lifted and stock trucks alike, as well as dually fitments. Fuel’s products have gotten the ultimate road tests from the toughest off-road fanatics and they pass with flying colors every time. On top of that tested and proven quality, you’ve got rim […]

New 2016 US Mags Wheels – Custom, Vintage, Classic, Hot Rod, Muscle

April 18, 2016 0

New 2016 US Mags Rims: U112 & U113 Big Slot, U114 & U115 200s, U116 & U118 Hustler, U122 & U124 Milner. Chrome, Gunmetal, Silver, Black Milled. U.S. Mags is the leading wheel brand for that classic style– and that’s because they have the history to back up their reputation. They’re not just imitating vintage custom wheels style, they created it. Rooted in the 1960s, U.S. Mags has decades of racing and hot rod heritage, and that’s the foundation that the modern company grew from. So it’s no wonder that they’re the top dog for custom classic wheels with that essential American muscle car look. U.S. Mags wheels aren’t just great designs– they’re iconic American racing history. And they’re not just a big name with a […]

New 2016 Niche Road Wheels – Custom, Cast, Staggered, Concave, Sport

April 18, 2016 0

New 2016 Niche Road Wheels: Ascari M166/M167, Pantano M171/M173, Turin M169/M170, Anzio M164/M165. Machined, brushed, silver, gloss black, bronze, chrome. Niche Road Wheels might have a misleading name. “Niche” might make you think that the brand only caters to the select few elite, and yet Niche has something for every driver’s tastes. They have a range of rims in all kinds of styles, and they all feature outstanding designs and top performance quality. Their different wheels provide options for casual drivers, custom enthusiasts, street cruisers, professional racers, and everyone in between. The Sport series has a sturdy cast Monoblock construction with no lip, creating an aggressive concave faces, staggered fitments, and massive caliper upgrades; the Track and Racing series are built for the most demanding […]

New 2016 Foose Wheels – Luxury, Sport, Custom, Hot Rod, Forged, Cast

April 18, 2016 0

New 2016 Foose Rims: Slider F161, Slider F162, Voss F164, Voss F163. Gloss black milled, gloss black & machined, chrome. Custom drilled, staggered fitment. When a wheel company gets its start from a guy who knows a lot about cars and wheels, you know you’re in for some ultimate top quality rims. Foose Wheels gets its name from Chip Foose, who started the company himself. Today, it’s not just the big name that carries the brand– it’s their legendary styles and outstanding durability, pricing, and reliability. These are high-end wheels that are available even to drivers on a budget, so you can get luxury style at much more reasonable price tags. Their premium styles have made the brand well known among hot-rod and custom car […]

New 2016 RBP Wheels – OffRoad, Truck, Forged, Monoblock, Street

April 18, 2016 0

New 2016 RBP Rims: 64R Widow, 65R Glock, 66R HK-5, 78R Uzi, 79R Assault, 87R Blade. Black machined, chrome, gloss black with machined grooves. Deep Lip. You know something’s a legend when people know it just by one name, or an abbreviation. Just ask any of the globally known musicians who are recognized by one single name. And since people mostly know Rolling Big Power by their abbreviation, RBP, you can tell they’re a big deal. You don’t even need to give their whole name– just mention those three letters and any truck enthusiast will know which company you mean. And more importantly, they know that RBP is shorthand for bad-ass wheels. RBP’s become a big name in custom truck and Jeep rims for their striking styling coupled with […]

Brand New 2016 Moto Metal Wheels and Rims

April 6, 2016 0

The all new 2016 Moto Metal wheels have hit our shelves. The new line this year is the MO977 Link. It is a very unique wheel that you will not see anywhere else. This is definitely one of a kind. They are shaped as a bike or a motorcycle chain links. This wheel will surely separate yourself from all the other wheel enthusiasts out there. The MO977 Link is available in three different color styles. They are satin black with gold center, gunmetal with gold center and then finally the satin black with black inserts. For sizes they are available in 18″, 20″ and 22″. Link to see prices and all sizes: MO977 Link When it comes to correct fitment there is a lot of variables […]

All New 2016 KMC XD Series Wheels and Rim

April 6, 2016 0

The brand new 2016 KMC XD Series wheels are on our shelves. New lines: XD824 Bones, XD129, XD825 Buck 25, XD229, XD300 and XD301. The XD Series rims are a very strong line with an excellent reputation. The XD Series line is geared more towards trucks and jeeps. More than likely you have seen a few XD Series wheels rolling around on the roads by you this week. They are very popular and that’s because there is a good reason for it. Superior quality. Truck, Jeep and wheel enthusiasts know a good brand and that is why you will see the KMC XD name out on the road. The thing we really like about their wheel line is that you get the great quality but […]

New 2016 KMC Wheels and Rims

March 28, 2016 0

The new 2016 KMC wheels include KM697 Newton, KM696 Pivot and the KM695. These great new rims are a perfect addition to the already stacked KMC wheel line. The KM697 Newton is available in satin black with machined face and tinted clear and it’s also available in gold. They come in either 18″ or 20″ for sizes. These are unique wheels that don’t look like other competitors. To see the wheels please click here: KM697 Newton The KM696 Pivot wheels are available in 20″ as well as a 22″ wheel. There are two finishes: Satin Black or Bronze. The KM696 Pivot’s have a luxury and a racing type feel to them at the same time. To see these wheels on our site please click here: […]

2014 Toyota Tundra with 20″ Fuel Krank D517 Wheels

March 2, 2016 0

Check out our customer’s silver sky 2014 Toyota Tundra SR5 with black and milled Fuel Krank D517 rims. The truck came out great and we couldn’t be more happy about it. Fuel was a great choice and they make very high quality rims. See below for pictures and more information about the setup he chose. Wheel Specs: 20×9 Fuel Krank D517 Bolt Pattern: 6×135 Offset: +01 Tire Specs: 275/60-20 Nitto Terra Grappler G2 With the +01 offset the tires stick outside of the fenders by about a half to three-quarter of an inch which is a great aggressive look that’s not “overly done”. I included a picture of that below. For any question regarding this wheel and tire package set up please don’t hesitate to […]

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