Newly Added Hardcore Off-Road Wheels To Our Site

March 14, 2018 0

The new Hardcore Off-road rims added to our site are amazing. The new HC05 Blade Runner, HC08 Brut and the HC09 Rock Solid are going to get heads turning on your truck or Jeep anywhere you go. Each model comes in gloss black milled and chrome. Right now the trending truck and Jeep wheels are the black wheels. They are in the “in style” but for good reason. They just look good on almost every vehicle color out there. Hardcore off-road wheels did a great job designing their rims to keep up with what is current in the industry. I personally think you will see a lot for styles coming out from these guys in the very near future. Check out the wheels here: Hardcore Off-Road […]

New 2018 Models From American Racing Vintage Wheels

March 12, 2018 0

See all the brand new American Racing Vintage rims that are out for 2018. The new American Racing Vintage models include: VN506, VN507, VN508 and VN509 in various assortments of finishes ranging from vibrant chrome, easy on the eyes, satin black, vintage silver, magnesium gray and gloss black. These wheels are the definition of phenomenal. Their overall quality is that of a luxury wheel too from the 50’s. All around, American Racing is an amazing company if you haven’t given American Racing Vintage a look yet, please make sure you check them out. You can see all models, sizes, colors, and prices here on our website: Amerian Racing Vintage Wheels Why buy your wheels from Hubcap-Tire-Wheel? Based in West Palm Beach, Florida we have been […]

From The Race Track To The Streets: 2018 American Racing Custom Rims

March 8, 2018 0

Presenting the new 2018 rims from the manufacturers at American Racing Custom Wheels for your hotrod or cars that you wish were hotrods: AR920 with its simple but refined Charcoal and Satin Black finishes. AR924 in sleek Graphite and luxurious Satin Black. AR926 with its eye-popping Chrome or elegant looking Gloss Black with milling and lastly, AR927 Barrage in classic Satin Black finish that will provide your vehicle with wheels that will break necks as you drive by. From the race track to the streets, the one constant in these wheels is there ability to innovate. American made and American named, it’ll be impossible to have a glimpse of the models being produced by American Racing without wanting to throw your money at us to […]