New 2015 Redbourne Wheels – Land Rover, Range Rover, Custom, Luxury

July 27, 2015 0

New 2015 Redbourne Rims: Hampshire, matte black, gloss black machined, silver machined. Hub centric, vehicle specific, SUV wheels. Getting the right wheel for your car involves more than just the right fitment—you’ve got to find that perfect look that will optimize your ride, too. Luckily for Land Rover drivers, Redbourne is there to get you what you need. One of the many Good Roads brands, Redbourne Wheels is a company that caters exclusively to Land Rover owners. Their rims are designed to match the needs of those iconic vehicles, engineered for their load bearing requirements and drilled to have perfect fitment on Land Rovers. Not only that, they’re styled to look great on Land Rovers, enhancing their classic look of rugged dependability and high-end elegance. […]

New 2015 Foose Wheels – Custom, Overhaulin’, One-Piece Cast, Forged

June 2, 2015 0

New 2015 Foose Rims: Knuckle F097/F099, Switch F157/F158, Wedge F159/F160, Bel-Air 6 F214, Twizz F216. The new 2015 Foose Design wheels feature all the best aspects of the brand: styles that are bold and unmistakable, finishes that stand out from the crowd, and lines that are clean-cut but nowhere near bland or old-fashioned. The finishes this year range from classic chrome, to striking black with machined/milled details, to dark tints that add mystery to machined spokes. These are the perfect rims to add a flash of edgy street style to any vehicle– whether it’s your reliable family car or an exclusive super-car. From Toyota to Tesla, the 2015 Foose rims can take the coolness factor of any vehicle up to the next level. The new […]