New 2015 Ruff Racing Wheels – Luxury, Custom, Stretch, Compact, Street

new 2015 ruff racing wheels rims

New 2015 Ruff Racing Rims: R1/R2, R362, R958, R358, Chrome, Satin Black, Bronze, Machined, Bright Green, Candy Red, Gloss White, Hyper Silver, Gold, Milled.

The new rims from Ruff Racing are the epitome of street style. The Ruff line has become well known among car enthusiasts for their aggressive looks and excellent performance, and the new additions won’t disappoint– they’re bound to catch the attention of old and new Ruff fans alike. With striking looks and finishes ranging from classic to daring, the new Ruff rims will add a kick of brash attitude to your ride.

The first three additions are the most understated, but are in no way boring. The R1 rim comes in chrome, satin black, and satin black with a machined face; the flat, sleek spokes of this wheel make a bold statement in a refined way. The R2 gets a bit more daring, with spiky, slanted spokes that will bring some teeth to your ride; this rim comes in mysterious satin graphite and satin black.

The R362 offers a variety of styles to choose from, and all are memorable. The crisscrossing spokes of this rim give it a look that’s wild and eye-catching. Some of the available finishes give it a more classic look– you can choose from hyper silver with a machined lip, chrome PVD, and satin black with a machined lip. The other finishes take it up to a bolder level: gold with a machined lip; candy-apple red with a machined lip; satin black with a bronze lip; gloss white with a machined lip; and bright green with a machined lip.

The R958 rim scales it back a bit, but not by much. It features forked spokes that curve elegantly, and it comes in three classy finishes: satin black with a machined lip; satin black with a machined lip and milled spokes; and gold with a machined lip. Lastly, take notice of the R358 rim. It’s hard not to take notice of it, with its attention-grabbing starburst spoke design and six vivid finishes. Five of them feature a machined lip and center, and the spokes feature candy-apple red, gloss white, gold, satin black, or hyper silver. All five have an outrageous street style that feels just a little bit old-school. A sixth finish comes in solid satin black, giving the pointy spokes a little edge of menace.

To see all of Ruff Racing’s rims: Ruff Racing Wheels.

To get the Ruff rims that are perfect for your ride, call our wheel experts at 1-800-232-0734. With decades of combined experience, our wheel and tire pros have the knowledge to help you find the right fitment for your vehicle. With their assistance, you’re sure to get the right wheels and tires to optimize your ride, no matter what kind of vehicle you have– in fact, we guarantee proper fitment or your money back.

new 2015 ruff racing wheels rims

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