New 2015 Beyern Wheels – BMW, Luxury, Staggered Fitment, Sport

new 2015 beyern wheels rims

New 2015 Beyern rims: Munich, two-piece, multi-piece, cast and forged, silver and machined, chrome lip, matte black. Custom wheels, custom fitment.

Beyern Wheels has made a name for themselves in a very specific category of the custom wheel business. They do one thing, and they make sure that they do it well: they design custom rims for BMW owners. Their wheel line is small, but with the quality that they offer, it doesn’t really need to be expanded.

The styles that Beyern serves up are very refined, just right for drivers of luxury vehicles who want to give their ride’s timeless looks a boost. They create wheel designs that are simple and low-key, and they’re very classic-looking.

This year sees only one new addition to Beyern’s wheel line, a style dubbed Munich. It features a forked-spoke design with subtle details and curved lines, enhancing its looks. The finishes available are matte black, and silver with a chrome lip. Both finishes are, of course, very classy looking on this wheel. For any BMW owners, this is absolutely a rim that’s worth replacing your OE wheels for.

To see all of Beyern’s rims: Beyern BMW Wheels.

To order Beyern rims for your BMW, call us at 1-800-232-0734. Our wheel and tire guys have decades of professional experience and they know exactly how to get the right wheels for your vehicle. The importance of getting proper fitment speaks for itself, and our wheel professionals have the knowledge to guide you to the best wheels and the perfect fitment.

new 2015 beyern wheels rims

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