New 2015 Velocity Wheels – Luxury, Car, SUV, Racing, Sport, Staggered

new 2015 velocity wheels rims

New 2015 Velocity rims: VW16, VW17A, VW17B, VW18, VW19, VW20. Black and machined, chrome, solid black finishes, high performance, sport truck applications.

Velocity has become known for a line of wheels that look great and perform even better. Their styles are refined and understated, providing an upgrade to your ride that is eye-catching but still classy. There’s even a few styles thrown in with a bit more splash to their looks, for those that want to go a little bolder.

The new wheels for 2015 fall nicely in line with Velocity’s tradition of simple but commanding styles, with classic finishes and clean-cut lines. All are available in chrome, solid black, and black with machined faces.

The first new wheel, VW16, has crisscrossing spokes that create a swooping, angular look. VW17 comes in options for 5 and 6 lug, and has straight spokes that pop in machined black, with pointy “V” shapes near the center cap. VW18 has an aggressive look that stands out thanks to the wheel’s angled spokes, which take a sharp dive backwards towards the rim. The VW19 wheel has wide, sturdy-looking spokes that will make your ride hard to ignore. The last new wheel, VW20, features a forked-spoke design with a spiky look, which is bound to catch the eye of everyone you pass on the road.

All of these new rims are undeniably flashy, but still keeping it classy with no-BS simplicity. They look especially great in the black machined finish option.

To see all of Velocity’s wheel choices, go here: Velocity Wheels.

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new 2015 velocity wheels rims

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