New 2015 Borghini Wheels – Luxury, Sport, Staggered, SUV, Car, Custom

new 2015 borghini wheels rims

New 2015 Borghini rims: BW17, BW18, BW19, BW20, BW21, BW22, BW23, BW24, BW25, BW26, BW27, BWB3S, BWB7S, BW14, BW15, BW190. Chrome, Black Machined finishes.

Borghini is a new name in the custom wheel scene, but their reputation is bound to skyrocket as custom wheel enthusiasts start to take notice of their flashy style and aggressive designs. They offer an impressive variety of rims, ranging from styles that are a bit more restrained (but still eye-catching), to ones that stand out from a mile away and are guaranteed to make people stop and appreciate as you drive by– and to make the drivers next to you at stoplights very envious.

All of their rims are available in classic chrome and black with machined accents, and while chrome is always a good option, most of these styles really pop in the machined black. The details stand out very nicely with the contrast between the shiny machining and the smooth black.

Some of the most noteworthy rims from Borghini: the BW17 is one of the options that looks the best in black machined, with sharply angular spoke details that leap out at you in the two-tone finish. BW19 and BW24 also look great in machined, both having spokes that curve elegantly and have way more detail than appears at first glance. BW18 and BW20 will stand out in either finish, and they’re among the wheels with designs that are classic but nowhere near boring. BW21 is another great choice in either finish, and it has a very brash style that feels quite old-school.

Many of their wheels are outstanding in chrome as well. Especially worth mentioning are BW26 and BWB3S. The first one has straight spokes that look normal enough at first, until you notice the crescent-shaped accents up by the lip of the wheel, giving it a spiky and aggressive look, like bull’s horns. BWB3S takes the spiky look even further, with pointy spokes that look a bit like shark teeth. Both of these wheels are available in chrome and will absolutely take your ride to another level.

To see all of Borghini’s wheel options, go here: Borghini Wheels.

To order the Borghini wheels that are right for your vehicle, call us at 1-800-232-0734. Our wheel and tire guys have combined decades of professional experience and they can help you get the perfect fitment. Even the best wheels are useless without proper fitment, and we will make sure you’re getting exactly what you need to optimize your ride.

new 2015 borghini wheels rims


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