New 2015 Cray Wheels – Corvette, Sport, Racing, Staggered, Custom


New 2015 Cray rims: Brickyard, rotary forged, silver w/ mirror cut face, matte black, black w/ machined face. One piece, high performance, hub centric.

When you have a car as nice as a Corvette, what’s the one way to make your stylish ride even more outstanding? You can add wheels that enhance its already stellar good looks. There are plenty of custom wheels that look great on Corvettes, but only Cray Wheels makes rims that are specifically engineered to fit Corvettes. What does that mean? It means that when you put Cray wheels on your ‘Vette, you are guaranteed to get a perfect fitment, which means a smoother and better ride– and when you’re driving a super car, why would you settle for anything less?

These wheels are made to live up to high performance standards. They are designed to match every level of Corvette engineering, from the most basic models (as basic as any Corvette can ever be) to the most high-end models. And of course they come in big diameters, wide widths, and staggered fitments for that aggressive stance. And as for appearance, naturally they are highly customizable, so that each Corvette owner can make their ride unique. In terms of style, these wheels are flashy and bold, but not enough to overpower the elegance of the cars themselves.

The new wheel from Cray is called Brickyard. It’s got a fairly low-key style, with just five spokes that have an open design; however, it’s an outstanding wheel for its simplicity and restrained good looks. Available in three finishes (silver with a mirror cut face, matte black, black with machined face), the clean-cut design of this wheel perfectly complements the swooping lines of the Corvette body styling.

Like its other wheels, Cray’s new Brickyard wheel is ideal for the Corvette owner looking to give their ride an extra boost of style.

To see this and other Corvette wheels: Cray Wheels.

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