New 2016 Motiv Wheels – Luxury, Alloy, Car, SUV, Staggered, Racing

new 2016 motiv luxury wheels rims custom staggered alloy

New 2016 Motiv Luxury Rims: 417B Montage, 417MG Montage, 416BU Monterey, 416C Monterey. Black, machined black, graphite, chrome. One-piece die-cast, custom.

There’s plenty of options for luxury wheels, but Motiv stands out at the top of the market. They’re known for high-level design and top of the line manufacturing, cranking out wheels that are made well and look great. Motiv has a consistent theme: their rims are restrained but not plain, and they’re always classy. Their styles are perfect for anyone who wants to add some intensity to their ride, without letting their wheels take the spotlight from their awesome vehicle. These rims enhance, not distract. Motiv offers staggered fitments for that aggressive look. And, yes, all of their wheels have names starting with “M”.

There are two new styles for 2016: Montage and Monterey. The Montage wheel, 417B and 417MG, is available in satin black and machined graphite grey. This wheel has a very modern look, with slanted, pointy spokes that add a whole new level of futuristic bad-ass to any car. The Monterey rim, 416BU and 416C, comes in chrome and black with machined undercut. It’s an updated look to a classic style; it has wide, flat spokes that have a bold and eye-catching look. Either one of these new wheels will have you cruising in style. Get ready to have everyone checking your car out wherever you go with these on your ride.

To see all of Motiv’s rim choices, go here: Motiv Luxury Wheels.

To get Motiv rims for your car or SUV, call us at 800-232-0734. Our wheel and tire experts have decades of experience in this business, and their expertise will help you pick the right wheels for your driving needs. We guarantee fitment!

new 2016 motiv luxury wheels rims custom staggered alloy

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