New 2016 TIS Wheels – Luxury, Alloy, Custom, Car, Truck, Jeep, Sport

new 2016 TIS wheels custom rims luxury

New 2016 TIS Rims: 538GB gunmetal & black, 536WB white & black, 539B satin black & black T-Star cap, 541BZ bronze/black, 541MB machined & black, 542B black.

There are plenty of custom wheel makers that focus on luxury cars, and plenty that focus on off-road/truck applications, but not many specialize in both. TIS has been doing it for years though, and they’re at the top of their game. They started out with rims for sports cars, and those wheels have been heavy hitters in the business for a while now. Once TIS teamed up with Monster Energy to produce off-road wheels, they stepped up their game even more and proved they’re just as good at tough, rugged truck wheels as they are at making elegant luxury rims. And those TIS off-road wheels look like they’re gonna be sticking around for a long time, so you can expect them to be giving the big-names in truck wheels a run for their money for years to come. Cast in aluminum alloy, TIS wheels are well-made as well as great to look at, so you’re getting great wheels no matter what your vehicle is.

There’s a slew of new wheels for 2016, so take a look at the awesome new rims on offer. First up, an addition to an existing wheel: 538GB, featuring a finish of gunmetal grey with gloss black accents. This is one of their truck wheels–it’s both sturdy and stylish, with a star-like spoke layout. It’s a darker and more menacing take on the 538’s original machined black finish. Next, we have the 536WB, in white with black accents. One of their car wheel designs, this style is definitely emphasizing the “luxury” part of “luxury wheel”. The glossy white with black spokes is a cool and elegant design, it screams “modern” but it’s restrained enough that it’ll never get outdated. Next is another new truck wheel, 539B. This one is bold and aggressive, and it comes in a straightforward finish: all satin black, with the T-Star TIS logo in gloss black on the center cap. This is a look that tells everyone else on the road that you mean business.

The last three are all car wheels. The next one has two different finishes on offer: 541BZ and 541MB. The first one comes in a unique finish, bronze against black accents. This is a mysterious-looking style, and it stands way out from the crowd. 541MB comes in black and machined, with just enough flash to be eye-catching, but it won’t overwhelm your vehicle. Both finishes complement the wheel’s simple but intriguing spoke design. The last new wheel is 542B, in solid gloss black with chrome rivets. Now, this is a unique style that looks futuristic and bad-ass– but like the rest of TIS’s wheels, it does all of that while still being nicely subtle. That’s the nice thing about TIS wheels– whether it’s for a Porsche, a Honda, or a Jeep, your rims will enhance your ride’s looks and look ultra classy.

To see all of the TIS rims on offer, go here: TIS Wheels.

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new 2016 TIS wheels custom rims luxury


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