New 2016 Platinum Wheels – Staggered, Luxury, Car, SUV, Alloy

new 2016 platinum custom wheels rims luxury staggered alloy ultra

New 2016 Platinum by Ultra Rims: 410GN Divine, 432GN Elite, 433GN Hawk, 433U hawk, 434U Orion, 434SB Orion. Graphite, gloss black, satin black, diamond cut.

Platinum may be a newer brand in the luxury wheel market, but they’ve made up for it by blasting to the top of the industry at high speed. They’ve proven their caliber with quality rims and high-tech manufacturing. It helps that they’ve got a sterling pedigree, too: their parent company is industry giant Ultra Wheels. Platinum offers a more high-end style than Ultra; while Ultra caters to the muscle car crowd, Platinum serves up elegant wheels in staggered fitments for the luxury market. Their designs are modern and refined, which is why their popularity has been so enduring since the company’s start. There’s nothing trendy here, just smart rim styles that’ll still look fresh years from now.

The new wheels for 2016 are just as classy as Platinum’s previous rims, carrying on the legacy. First up, we have an intriguing addition to an existing wheel: 410GN Divine, a new finish on the 410BM Divine rim. The first Divine was black with milled spokes, and the new 410GN steps it up a notch. It sports a graphite grey finish, which gives it a fascinating and mysterious look. There’s more graphite wheels on offer too, such as 432GN Elite and 433GN Hawk. The Elite rim features simple, flat spokes, and the Hawk wheel gets bolder with sweeping, angled spokes. The nice thing about the graphite finish is that it’s an unusual change of pace from the standard black and chrome, but it’s still restrained and classy. It looks equally good on simple designs like the Elite and fancier designs like the Hawk.

There’s also 433U Hawk, satin black with diamond-cut machined accents. We’ve also got the brand new Orion, 434U (gloss black with diamond-cut face) and 434SB (satin black). Black and machined black may be a more common finish than graphite, but wheels such as these prove why it’s such a popular option: it looks dramatic and eye-catching, without being overpowering. That’s ideal for drivers who want wheels that accentuate their bad-ass luxury ride without overpowering it.

To see all of Platinum’s rims: Platinum Wheels.

To get Platinum wheels for your car or SUV, call us at 800-232-0734. Our sales team are experts in the wheel and tire business and they’ll know exactly how to find the right fitment for your vehicle. Call today and we’ll help you get the right wheels and tires for your budget and driving needs. We guarantee fitment!

new 2016 platinum custom wheels rims luxury staggered alloy ultra

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