American Force FP Series Wheels – Custom Faceplates

American Force Face Plate Seires

I will go over all information about the American Force FP series wheels. See how you can customize your American Force wheels to any color or finish.

One of the coolest things out there right now for customizing wheels is what American Force is offering. With removable face plates you can literally change the look of your wheel as often as you want without breaking your bank account. If you want a black face wheel this week but want a red face wheel for the weekend, you can do that. These are aluminum face plates so you don’t have to worry about if they will hold up to the elements. They are easily able to be painted that won’t cost a fortune and most you can just do it yourself. If you get tires of colors, simply remove the paint and choose new colors. It’s that easy. However, please keep in mind we always recommend seeking a professional to get the best results.

One of the unique things you can do with the American Force FP series wheels is the face plates are able to be stacked with different widths so you can do a combination of different colors for one wheel. Here is an example of that:

American Force FP Series

Take a look at the videos below you can get a visual of exactly the process behind switching out or removing the face plates.

If you have any fitment questions or any other questions regarding any of our wheels we sell, please don’t hesitate to call us. We are one of the most trusted American Force dealers in the nation. You can read more about our American Force relationship here. Our wheel and tire experts have been doing this a long time and they love getting into fitment questions. Call them at 800-232-0734. They have over 100 years of combined experience. We guarantee our fitments or your money back. This way you can rest easy at night knowing you will get exactly what you want.

american force face plate series wheels

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