Borghini wheels: Why buy these aftermarket rims?

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Have you ever heard of the brand Borghini? Most people haven’t heard of Borghini wheels or rims but that is changing quickly. Every month they seem to be getting more and more looks and questions. They have quickly become a brand I get asked about quite a bit. I wanted to know more about the brand Borghini myself and I’ll let you know everything I found out about them.

Who are Borghini wheels?

Borghini is owned and produced by a company called Velocity wheels. Velocity actually owns a number of brands including: Borghini, Red Sport, Velocity (obviously), Phino and U2. Those are some strong name brands in the wheel industry. Velocity wheel was founded more than ten years ago. They aim for performance, luxury vehicles and sport truck applications so you know it’s a brand you can trust. You aren’t around in the custom wheel industry for 10 years on accident.

Borghini BW18
Borghini BW18 Black & Machined Wheels

Borghini has a great line of wheels. They have a style for variety of different tastes. Great looking luxury wheels for not that much money. When you compare prices to some of the top brands like Asanti or Lexani wheels, they are way under their price and they don’t lose integrity or performance. When you really dig into it, all these wheels are being produced from the same factories overseas. What I like about Borghini is that they give their products to consumers without the crazy markup price. That’s one of their best traits as a wheel vendor. They don’t get greedy with the customers.

They have a variety of different sizes to choose from. From as small as 17” all the way up to the massive 30” wheel. That might be a little over kill but there are folks out there that want to have the biggest and ‘baddest’ rims. Whether your goals are for every day cruising or car shows, they have it for you.

Some of the great looking luxury wheels are models BW18, BW20 and BW22. In the BW18 wheels you can get a 20” black and machined wheel for $167. That’s crazy inexpensive. The 18” in that model is $127. That’s half the cost of the top name brands on the market and Borghini is just as reliable and have extremely tough standards in the production line.

All in all, if you are looking for a new set of custom wheels, take a look at Borghini wheels. They really are a nice line of wheels and great quality too. You’ll be able to do other modifications and get other accessories for your vehicle with all the money you save by going with Borghini.

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