2017 Borghini Wheels – They are officially here!

See the all new models for the 2017 Borghini rims line. The new models for Borghini this year are: BW-35A, BW35B, BW39A, BW39B, BW28 and BW29. I really like what Borghini wheels have done to their lineup this year. They are giving their wheels a nice face lift. By face lift I mean they are now a modern design. Some of their wheel designs in the past were a little dated but not this year. There is actually one more wheel style that is going to be coming out (BW-49A and BW-49B) that is going to really take the market by storm. Unfortunately at time I’m writing this, Borghini hasn’t released the pictures quite yet but they should be here shortly.

To see all the new and existing Borghini rims, sizes and prices go here: Borghini Wheels

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New 2017 Borghini Wheels & RIms

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