Luxury Meets The Trail: Asanti OffRoad Wheels

Have a glimpse of the Asanti OffRoad Wheels currently being made by one of the most luxurious rim producers on the market: AB807, AB808, AB809, AB810, AB811, and AB812 are featured for Asanti’s OffRoad series. Taking luxury as we know it to a new level by delivering original designs alongside immaculate finish options. Durable, lightweight, varying designs, numerous color choices, and a forging process that modifies the composition of the metal used in the construction process at a molecular level.  My favored wheel from this line is the AB810 in chrome, that has a design akin to a saw blade of epic proportions, in chrome. Don’t worry if Chrome isn’t your style, a good amount of these wheels come in Satin Black, Gloss Black or Matte Black to match any desire that could arise. Most wheels from this production line come with a sharp addition to add some extra zest, with a vibrant red ring that encircles the wheel cap, enhancing the overall appearance.

You can view the latest additions from Asanti OffRoad Wheels here: Asanti OffRoad

If any of these wheels from the Asanti OffRoad production line have caught your attention or you have questions about sizes and fitting, please call us so we can assist with your wheel purchases. 1-800-232-0734 is our number. Our wheel and tire experts can help you with any question you might have. Getting proper fitting wheels and tires can be tricky, that’s why you should always talk to our experts first. With so many bolt patterns and offsets to choose from, we make sure you get the right wheels. Our wheel and tire experts are available 8:30am-6pm EST Monday through Friday and 10am-4pm EST Saturday. We also have guaranteed fitment or your money back. That way you know you are ordering from a trusted company. We have been in business since 1985 and selling on the web since 1999.



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