The Newest Rims Added To Asanti Black Label Custom Aftermarket Wheels For 2019!

June 10, 2019 0

Check out the all new 2019 Asanti Black Label rims and for this year! Brushed Silver, Gloss Black and Anthracite are the go to finishes for Asanti this year. A one-piece wheel that takes the term “affordable luxury” to a whole new level. The latest models being ABL-21 Leo in finishes such as, Brushed Silver, Gloss Black or Matte Graphite. My favorites of this new run of models; ABL-22 Alpha which is 5 lugs and 5 spokes, in Brushed Silver or Gloss Black. ABL-23 Sigma in Brushed Silver with Chrome lip and Gloss Black with Chrome lip. ABL-24 Beta in Brushed Silver with Chrome Lip as well as Gloss Black with Chrome Lip. Lastly, we have ABL-25 Alpha, the brothers of ABL-22 with six lugs […]

The Hottest Styles From Fuel Off-Road Wheels Yet!

June 7, 2019 0

Fuel Off-Road Dually wheels is changing the game with their new, eye catching finishes. Candy Red and Blue are the hottest colors for their newest one piece custom rims. The new models this year for 2019 are the D100-D102 Zephyr in Gloss Black and Candy Red. Along with, D623 Warrior in Gloss Black & Milled. D624 Dakar in Matte Black. D625 Hostage in Gloss Black. D631 Sledge in Chrome. D632-D633-D634 Zephyr in Candy Red, Matte Black & Bronze finishes. D636 Diesel Machined. D637-D638 Vortex milled standard or with candy red accents. D643-D644 Contra in Black with either Candy Red or Blue accents. D645 Stroke in Gloss Black with Candy Blue Accents. D646 Hardline. D648 Tactic. D649 Schism. D662-D663 Ignite. D664-D665-D666 Shoke. D667-D668-D669 Nitro with an […]

Newest 2019 Hardcore Off-Road Custom Aftermarket Truck Wheels

June 7, 2019 0

The new Hardcore Off-road rims added to our site are amazing. The new HC10 Apex and HC11 Axel are going to get heads turning on your truck or Jeep anywhere you go. Each model comes in gloss black milled as well as chrome. The trending truck and Jeep wheels are the black finished wheels. They look great with almost every vehicle color out there. Hardcore off-road wheels does a great job designing their rims to keep up with what is current in the industry. I personally think you will see a lot for styles coming out from these guys in the very near future. Check out the wheels here: Hardcore Off-Road Wheels If you have any questions at all regarding these Hardcore Off-Road wheels or if […]