Upgrade Your Ride with Fuel Blitz Wheels: A Comprehensive Guide

Have you ever wondered how wheels and tires act like the shoes of a truck or SUV? This is because they complement the overall aesthetic and highlight the function of your car. To make cars look more aesthetic, people nowadays are upgrading to bigger wheels usually to make their trucks and SUVs ready for off-roading.

Further, a vehicle has a huge variety of moving elements, all of which impact how well they work together. As a result, updating one component affects how the other works. Changing to larger and better fuel blitz wheels is among the most typical automobile alterations. 

In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of upsizing the wheels and tires of your vehicle with blitz wheels. 

1.  Increased ground clearance

If you install larger wheels and tires, your truck or SUV will stand taller overall. It thus raises the car’s ground clearance as well. That implies that your undercarriage and other parts won’t collide with obstacles like pebbles and boulders on the trail.

2.  Easier to go through rough terrain

Aside from ground clearance, Fuel Blitz wheels make it easier to roll through rough terrains. This occurs because these tires have a larger surface area of rubber that comes into contact with pavement or soil, increasing their ability to grip the ground.

3.  Helps get through floodwaters

Compared to vehicles with stock wheels, those with upsized blitz wheels and tires can aid in navigating through low flood waters since they add height to the vehicle. 

Although driving over water is extremely risky since it can flip cars, having larger wheels could give you a higher chance of surviving the experience. 

The additional height can prevent water from getting inside the cabin or even into your exhaust pipes. Also, larger vehicle wheels are heavier and might help maintain tire contact with the ground. These tires also have deeper tread patterns which help to scatter more water and prevent hydroplaning.

4.  Aesthetics

Trucks and SUVs with larger wheels and tires command your full attention. They give the car a more threatening appearance and attitude. Massive tires stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your proficiency in maximizing the potential of your 4×4.

5.  Increased traction

Your tires’ weight and surface area are crucial for retaining superior traction. Fuel Blitz wheels provide higher traction on paved surfaces than stock tires. This improves your vehicle’s stability and makes it simpler to steer and maneuver, especially on difficult terrain.

6.  Reduced acceleration

Reduced vehicle acceleration is expected because of the added weight and tire grip of the fuel Blitz wheel. More friction and drag may result from the rubber’s increased surface area coming into contact with the ground. 

With these wheels, you will experience that it requires more power to accelerate your vehicle more than when you use the stock ones.

7.  Lower fuel economy

With the additional weight resistance and the drag that comes with your wheels and tires, your engine needs to work harder to get them rolling. You should press the gas pedal harder to get your truck or SUV moving at the desired pace. 

Due to this factor, you can easily notice lower fuel economy when you upgrade to a more significant set of wheels than your stock ones.


The cost of upgrading a set of wheels on a car is worth it, considering the performance, look, and benefits of said investment. Drivers can benefit from a better driving experience, a more aesthetically pleasing car, and savings in fuel consumption. 

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