Fuel Maverick D538 22″ Black Milled Rims – Leveled Ford F150 Platinum

August 25, 2016 0

Fuel Maverick D538 22×10 black milled wheels, 305/45-22 Nitto Terra Grappler G2. They look outstanding on our customer’s leveled 2016 Ford F-150 Platinum! After a visit to our shop, this customer’s Ford F150 is better and badder than ever before! Take a look at these Fuel Mavericks in a bold black and milled finish. With rims like these, this F150 Platinum is definitely going to turn heads on the street. Fuel’s custom wheels are iconic for being just as nice to look at as they are to drive on. These Fuel rims bring a tough and brash style to the off-road trail. But, of course, what’s an off-road wheel without an off-road tire? Our customer went for some hefty Nitto Terra Grappler G2’s, and quite […]

Fuel Hostage D529 22×11 PVD Wheels – Ford F-150 2014 Limited Platinum

August 1, 2016 4

Fuel Hostage D529 PVD rims, 22×11, on the 2014 Ford F-150. Toyo Open Country AT-2 tires, 35×12.50-22. Another happy customer with awesome wheels and tires! Take a look at the latest and greatest set of custom wheels from our shop! This customer of ours has a sweet new truck, the 2014 Ford F-150 Limited Platinum edition. Already a great vehicle, this customer came to us to make it greater, with Fuel’s D529 Hostage rims in a PVD finish. These are some striking wheels, and they’re paired with some top-notch tires– Toyo Open Country AT-2’s. The Open Country is a high-quality truck tire, built to take the punishment of all-terrain driving. No matter what the conditions are, our customer will be riding in style, and living […]

2014 Dodge Ram 1500 – 22×10 Fuel Maverick D536 Chrome Wheels

July 29, 2016 4

Our customer’s 2014 dodge ram 1500 with chrome 22″ fuel maverick D536 wheels came out great. The 22″ chrome rims really makes this truck stand out. Going from stock to the custom 22″ Fuel Maverick wheels was a fantastic choice. It really fits his truck well. The great thing about this set up is the fact you can off-road as well as have a comfortable ride down the highway, all in one package. When people see this truck, they will immediately know that this is a custom wheel job while at the same time not going over the top with the custom look. He will be getting heads to turn everywhere he goes and we can’t be more proud of that. If you would like […]


July 22, 2016 0

Fuel D530 Hostage PVD chrome wheels, 22×9.5 with -18 offset. On 2015 GMC Denali 1500, with 305/45-22 Landsail LS588 tires, and 2″ leveling kit. Pictures don’t lie, and these before and after shots of our customer’s 2015 Denali 1500 are definitely worth a thousand words. The GMC Denali 2015 is a great truck, to be certain– but what’s the surefire way to make a great truck even better? Adding custom style with some hot new rims, as these photos demonstrate. This Denali has been taken up a notch (or ten), with Fuel Hostage wheels in a striking 22″x9.5″ size and an eye-grabbing PVD chrome finish. These aggressively styled wheels convey toughness and an awesome, modern look. Those stock wheels are nice ones, but the Fuel […]

New 2016 Fuel Wheels – Off Road, Beadlock, Custom, Truck, Jeep, SUV

April 19, 2016 2

New 2016 Fuel Rims: Anza D583, Assault D576, Turbo D582, Cleaver D573/D574, Coupler D575, Flow D587, Recoil D584/D585, Vector D580/D579, Titan D588, Renegade D264. Fuel Off-Road is the top dog in off-road wheels, there’s no question about that. And they’ve earned that spot at the top through years of producing the best wheels around for off-road enthusiasts. Their rims are ideal for anyone who lives to ditch the city streets and hit the rocks, sand, mud, or dirt track. They’ve got fitments for lifted and stock trucks alike, as well as dually fitments. Fuel’s products have gotten the ultimate road tests from the toughest off-road fanatics and they pass with flying colors every time. On top of that tested and proven quality, you’ve got rim […]

2014 Toyota Tundra with 20″ Fuel Krank D517 Wheels

March 2, 2016 0

Check out our customer’s silver sky 2014 Toyota Tundra SR5 with black and milled Fuel Krank D517 rims. The truck came out great and we couldn’t be more happy about it. Fuel was a great choice and they make very high quality rims. See below for pictures and more information about the setup he chose. Wheel Specs: 20×9 Fuel Krank D517 Bolt Pattern: 5x150 Offset: +01 Tire Specs: 275/60-20 Nitto Terra Grappler G2 With the +01 offset the tires stick outside of the fenders by about a half to three-quarter of an inch which is a great aggressive look that’s not “overly done”. I included a picture of that below. For any question regarding this wheel and tire package set up please don’t hesitate to call […]


September 9, 2015 0

Fuel Off-Road Maverick D538 wheels, 20×10, on a 2012 Jeep Rubicon / Wrangler Unlimited edition. Fuel is the top dog in off-road wheels and rims, and this Jeep Rubicon demonstrates exactly why that is! The Maverick D538 rims in milled black look perfect on this Jeep, with the ideal balance of style and substance. They look tough and no-nonsense thanks to their clean-cut design, but they also have enough flash to complement a color like this bright yellow. All in all, the driver of this Rubicon is definitely getting all the attention whether off-road or in the city. Here’s the full set-up! 2012 Jeep Rubicon / Wrangler Unlimited Fuel Off-Road Maverick, D538 20×10 If you want to score wheels like these for your Jeep, Truck, […]


August 13, 2015 2

Fuel Nutz wheels 20×12 on 2010 Jeep Wrangler JK, Dragon Edition, with Nitto Mud Grappler Extreme Terrain tires. Take a look at this outstanding Wrangler. This ride is at a new level of bad-ass with these Fuel Nutz rims and heavy-duty Nitto Mud Grappler tires. The lucky owner of this machine must be cruising along feeling like the ultimate urban Road Warrior. Here’s the full set-up: 2010 Jeep Wrangler JK 4” FOX lift 20×12 D251 Fuel Nutz Wheels 38×15.50×20 NITTO MUD GRAPPLER tires If you want to get a set-up like this for your Jeep, Truck, or SUV give us a call at 800-232-0734. We will help you get the correct fitment. Our wheel and tire experts are here to help you out and we GUARANTEE you will get […]

New 2015 Fuel Wheels – Off-Road Trucks, Racing Truck, Dually, Deep Lip

May 7, 2015 2

New 2015 Fuel Rims: Maverick D542, Nutz D540/D541, Assault D546, Vapor D560/D569, Beast D564, Hostage III D568, Savage D563/D565, Rotor D570, Cleaver D239/D240, Jeremy McGrath Signature Wheel D572, Crush D268. Fuel Off-Road’s truck wheels are a legend among truck enthusiasts, and for good reason. Whether you’re an off-road truck racing professional, or if you just enjoy taking your ride for a spin in your spare time, Fuel’s rims will carry you wherever your truck can take you– and you’ll go in style. The new 2015 wheels especially stand out with their bold looks and aggressive styling. With colors ranging from cool and mysterious anthracite, to striking black and machined combinations, these wheels will look impressive and intimidating even with mud and sand splattered all over […]

New 2015 Fuel Off-Road Truck Wheels Have Hit the Shelves

March 30, 2015 0

New 2015 Fuel Rims: Maverick D542, Assault D546, Vapor D569, D560, Beast D564, Crush D268, Cleaver D239, D240, Rotor D570, JM2 D572, Savage D563, D565, Hostage III D568. Fuel Off-Road wheels are one of the best selling truck wheels in the world and they do not disappoint with their 2015 wheels. The design of their wheels are like none other and the best part about the Fuel line is that they won’t break your bank account. You can go with a more expensive brand but the quality with Fuel is going to be just as good as the top notch brand for half the price. They are taking the wheel industry by storm.

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