New 2015 Asanti Black Label Wheels – Luxury, Staggered, Car, SUV

September 8, 2015 0

New 2015 Asanti Black Label Rims: ABL-1, ABL-10, ABL-4, ABL-5, ABL-7, ABL-8. Forged aluminum, premium wheels. Chrome, black machined, custom finish, 20/22 inch. Asanti has become a big name for luxury wheels and custom rims, and it’s easy to understand why– their rims stand out with impressive designs and top-notch forging. The Asanti Black Label line stands out even more, featuring a stunning selection of high-end wheels in classy styles. The Black Label wheels are forged aluminum, manufactured to live up to the highest standards of any driver– no matter what kind of car or SUV you’re riding in, these rims will elevate your vehicle to all-new levels of elegance and style. With clean lines and straightforward designs, the Black Label wheels are definitely for […]