New 2015 Borghini Wheels – Luxury, Sport, Staggered, SUV, Car, Custom

August 5, 2015 0

New 2015 Borghini rims: BW17, BW18, BW19, BW20, BW21, BW22, BW23, BW24, BW25, BW26, BW27, BWB3S, BWB7S, BW14, BW15, BW190. Chrome, Black Machined finishes. Borghini is a new name in the custom wheel scene, but their reputation is bound to skyrocket as custom wheel enthusiasts start to take notice of their flashy style and aggressive designs. They offer an impressive variety of rims, ranging from styles that are a bit more restrained (but still eye-catching), to ones that stand out from a mile away and are guaranteed to make people stop and appreciate as you drive by– and to make the drivers next to you at stoplights very envious. All of their rims are available in classic chrome and black with machined accents, and while […]