New 2015 TUFF A.T. Wheels – All-Terrain, Off-Road, Jeep, Truck, SUV

June 19, 2015 0

New 2015 TUFF A.T. rims: T10, T11, T12, T14, Gloss Black, Red Accents, Black with Red Accents, Milled Spokes, Sand Racing, Rock Crawling, Mud Bogging. The newest addition to the Status wheels brand, Tuff A.T has been grabbing attention left and right with their aggressive line of all-terrain rims. The Tuff wheels have been noteworthy for their bold looks and sturdiness; their wheel styles are  loaded with eye-catching detail and classic finishes, such as solid black, black and machined, black with milled accents, and black with splashy red accents. The 2015 additions to the Tuff A.T. line have all the factors that have made Tuff A.T. popular with truck and Jeep owners– and these new wheels up the stakes with even more rugged styles that will add a huge […]