New Custom Painted Wheels – KMC XD Series, XD820 Grenade

kmc xd series xd820 black green clear coat custom aftermarket wheels rims

New for 2015, KMC XD Series rims with clear-coat paint in custom colors. Also available on American Racing, Motegi Racing, Moto Metal, ATX Series, and HELO.

KMC’s XD Series is widely known for producing top-of-the-line custom wheels for Jeeps, SUVs, and trucks. With XD rims on your ride, you’re going to be catching the eye of every other truck and Jeep driver you pass, whether in the city or on the trail. So what could possibly exceed that level of awesome? Well, what else could it be? A one-of-a-kind paint job for your custom rims, of course. Wheel Pros is now offering custom clear-coat paint colors on all of its wheel brands, including KMC, KMC XD Series, Lorenzo, Motegi Racing, American Racing, Moto Metal, HELO, and ATX Series.

Here’s how it works. Pick a wheel style that you like from any Wheel Pros brand, such as HELO or Moto Metal. Is that wheel available in a black and machined finish? If it is, then it can be painted to any color of your choosing! Black and machined wheels stand out as a modern and exciting finish, with smooth black contrasting against gleaming, silvery machined accents on the face or spokes of the wheel. Your chosen color gets applied to those machined accents with durable clear-coat paint. The clear-coat paint is vivid and glossy, and the machined metal underneath adds an extra level of shine that is seriously beyond comparison. What’s the result? It’s a custom set of wheels that is entirely your style.

If you want pro0f, just take a look at these KMC XD820 Grenade rims, rocking an awesome shade of electrifying green. They say green is the color of envy, and no wonder– you’ll be the envy of everyone else on the road with wheels like these. These wheels were once black and machined rims, and the green accents on the spokes had a shiny chrome color. But now, they’ve been elevated to rockstar status with this custom green paint. And if you think that’s good, just imagine how they’d look on your own ride!

If you want to get yourself some custom-painted rims like these, in the perfect color for your ride, then call us at 1-800-232-0734 for pricing and to confirm fitment. Our wheel and tire experts are ready and waiting to assist you in finding the ideal rims for your car, truck, SUV, or Jeep. From the perfect style to the perfect fitment, we’ll get you exactly what you need!

kmc xd series xd820 black green clear coat custom aftermarket wheels rims


kmc xd series xd820 black green clear coat custom aftermarket wheels rims

11 Comments on New Custom Painted Wheels – KMC XD Series, XD820 Grenade

    • They are really cool in person too! For the 20×9 black/green you are looking at $418 per wheel. You can always call us at 800-232-0734 to make sure we have the right price, because I’m basing this all off of not knowing what vehicle you have.


    • Jes,

      I’m sorry but the XD Grenades are not made in a dually form. However, if you’re interested I can get the XD815 Battalion in green and black. If you go to the link I provided, the machined windows and rivets along the outside of the lip would be green, just like the wheel in this article.

  1. I’m wanting a pair of black and lime green rims for my 05 dodge 1500 but not sure what brand to go with do you have any suggestions and I would like some 20×10 for sure

    • Blake, there are a lot of variables that can answer that question. Giving us a call at 800-232-0734 is going to be the easiest so we can figure out what style you are going after and then we can go over pricing, fitment and all other options you’re looking for.


    • Good day Wyett, on the site it just says green with clear coat but it looks like a lighter, forest green to me.

      If you were interested in these wheels, you may have to place a custom order for them because they appear to have discontinued this finish on this model, but I may be wrong, I’m just in charge of the website portion of the business.

      If you’re curious, you can give a call to 561-968-0488 or 1-800-232-0734. If you prefer digital communication, just shoot an email to This is what we have on our site presently of this wheel.

  2. how much for set of these XD wheels in this color (in black satin finish instead of high gloss) with the same green in 16×7

    • Hi sorry for the ridiculously late reply. Haven’t been able to update the blog for awhile now so I haven’t been checking for comments.

      As far as your question, that sounds like it would be a custom order, which XD Series, does but for custom finishes of that nature you can expect to pay a premium. The size you want them in makes them way more affordable but will still cost a relatively nice amount. Some where in the ball park of $1,500 – $2,000 on the high end. Low end, probably $1000 – $1200. Prices are fluctuating like crazy though so my prices may be way off. Your best bet is to get in contact with one of our sales staff, at 1-800-232-0734, and they can let you know. As far as I’m aware the XD820 Grenade series is a basic model, which you can find here. . Hope that was helpful for you. Have a good day.

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