New 2016 Drifz Wheels – Racing, Street, Competition, Luxury, Sport Car

January 25, 2016 0

New 2016 Drifz Rims: 303BZ Hole Shot, 304M Circuit, 308BZ / 308GG / 308MB / 308LG / 308TG / 308OR / 308W Spec-R. Black machined, bronze, graphite, colors. The brand name Drifz has become synonymous with tough street style, and for good reason. Drifz produces custom rims with sleek looks that boast aggression and clean lines. Often modeled after Japanese wheel trends, their styles are simple enough for luxury cars, while also being bold enough for any street style fans. Drifz has been dedicated all along to designs that are functional as well as stylish; their rims are built to perform, not just to look pretty. Their wheels are sure to satisfy hardcore sport enthusiasts as well as casual cruisers. The new wheels for 2016 […]

New 2015 Drifz Wheels

January 16, 2015 0

The 2015 Drifz rims line has officially been entered into our system. Check out the all new Drifz Spec-R 308B wheel in carbon black. It’s an awesome new look that a lot of people look for. It’s not too over the top but yet it says ‘custom wheels’ at the same time. We personally really like the Spec-R as a new addition to their line. It’s one of the most sought after styles and designs while staying completely affordable. It’s a very strong and durable wheel able to put up with daily driving as well as testing it’s limits out at the track. For any fitment questions on this wheel with your vehicle do not hesitate to call our wheel and tire specialists at 800-232-0734. […]