New 2018 KMC XD Series Wheels Are On The Market

February 7, 2018 0

We’re kicking off 2018 right with the arrivals from the manufacturer of XD Series Rims. The new XD models are: XD839 Clamp, XD838 Mammoth, XD837 Demodog, XD836 Fury, XD136 Panzer, XD137 FMJ, XD134 Addict 2, XD135 Grenade Off-Road & XD231 Bead Lock RG Race. With rim styles ranging from simplistic in nature to dynamic in design, it’s a guarantee that there is something you will want to call yours. There are diversified assortments of colors to choose from among various accessories to complete your desired look. Be among the first to look at the newest additions along with the pre-existing products from XD Series here: XD Series Wheels If XD series wheels have caught your attention, we have an expert staff prepared to assist you […]

2014 Dodge ProMaster 1500 with Grenade XD820 Wheels

November 28, 2017 2

Take a look at our customer’s 2014 Dodge ProMaster 1500 with Grenade XD820 black and machined face rims. This work van project came out great. I will guarnatee you that everyone he goes by will be taking a double look at his Dodge ProMaster. This also doubles up nicely for advertising for his business. This is a great concept. Not many have custom wheels on a Dodge ProMaster van but they are a great addition and we can help you get the look you need. Full Set Up Wheels: 18×9 XD Series XD820 Grenade Tires: 245-60/18 Landsail Tires If you are interested in this set up or if you’re looking at any other set up for a different vehicle, please don’t hesitate to call us: 800-232-0734. […]

2012 Toyota Tundra – XD Series XD825 Buck 25 Wheels

April 10, 2017 0

Take a look at our customer’s 2012 Toyota Tundra SR5 with 20″ XD Series XD825 Buck 25 Rims. Let’s go into the full spec details including which tires he chose. Our customer’s white 2 wheel drive Toyota Tundra came out great with the stylish KMC XD Series XD825 Buck 25 wheels. He went with 20″ black and milled wheels which was replacing his stock SR5 18″ aluminum wheels. We also put on a 2.5″ front level kit which took all the rub possibilities out of the equation so he didn’t have to do any type of fender modifications. He wanted all-terrain tires and when this topic comes up we always recommend the Nitto Terra Grappler G2 tires. We have them on our vehicles here at […]

The New KMC XD Series Rockstar 3 XD827 Wheels Are Out

March 15, 2017 2

Are you looking for new 2017 XD Rockstar rims? We have them for you with all the different color options. There’s a lot to choose from and I’ll break it down. KMC did a fantastic job this year with the XD series wheels line. They added a lot of options to choose from but one of the most diverse wheel models to be added this year is the XD Series Rockstar 3 XD827 rims. You can buy three different style of inserts and also different color center caps which you will see all below. Let’s start with the base color finishes for the Rockstar 3 wheels. You can choose from either all matte black or matte black and machined face. From these two models, the […]

New 2017 KMC XD Series Wheels Are Now Out

February 16, 2017 0

The brand new models for 2017 the KMC XD Series rims have hit the shelves! They are all currently on our web site. Here are all the new models for 2017: XD132 RG2 XD133 Fusion XD828 Delta XD829 Hoss 2 XD831 Chopstix XD832 Fusion XD833 Recoil XD834 Cyclone XD835 Swipe XD Series have really stepped up their game for 2017. The last couple years they didn’t really produce a whole lot of new models. Speaking with one of the XD Series representatives this year they were saying how they really wanted to have an impact on the progression of custom wheels this year. I think they did a fantastic job with their new lines. There is a good mixture of styles and color combinations for multiple tastes. […]

2015 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie – 20″ XD Series Badlands XD779 Chrome

July 29, 2016 0

Our customer’s 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie. He put on chrome 20″ XD Series Badlands XD779 rims. These wheels came out great on his truck we are all excited. The new Nitto Terra Grappler G2 tires on this Dodge Ram is a great choice. The G2’s have a mixture between highway tread and all-terrain tread. You can have the all-terrain off road experience without the humming noise going down the highway. For the first time Nitto is backing an all-terrain product with a limited treadwear warranty which covers 50,000 miles for LT-metric and floatation sizes, and 65,000 miles for hard metric sizes. To see all the sizes and prices click on the link below in the setup. And of course, you need awesome wheels to go with […]

All New 2016 KMC XD Series Wheels and Rim

April 6, 2016 0

The brand new 2016 KMC XD Series wheels are on our shelves. New lines: XD824 Bones, XD129, XD825 Buck 25, XD229, XD300 and XD301. The XD Series rims are a very strong line with an excellent reputation. The XD Series line is geared more towards trucks and jeeps. More than likely you have seen a few XD Series wheels rolling around on the roads by you this week. They are very popular and that’s because there is a good reason for it. Superior quality. Truck, Jeep and wheel enthusiasts know a good brand and that is why you will see the KMC XD name out on the road. The thing we really like about their wheel line is that you get the great quality but […]

New Custom Painted Wheels – KMC XD Series, XD820 Grenade

October 12, 2015 11

New for 2015, KMC XD Series rims with clear-coat paint in custom colors. Also available on American Racing, Motegi Racing, Moto Metal, ATX Series, and HELO. KMC’s XD Series is widely known for producing top-of-the-line custom wheels for Jeeps, SUVs, and trucks. With XD rims on your ride, you’re going to be catching the eye of every other truck and Jeep driver you pass, whether in the city or on the trail. So what could possibly exceed that level of awesome? Well, what else could it be? A one-of-a-kind paint job for your custom rims, of course. Wheel Pros is now offering custom clear-coat paint colors on all of its wheel brands, including KMC, KMC XD Series, Lorenzo, Motegi Racing, American Racing, Moto Metal, HELO, and […]

New Custom Painted Wheels – KMC XD Series, XD128 Machete

October 9, 2015 2

New for 2015, KMC XD Series rims with clear-coat paint in custom colors. Also available on American Racing, Motegi Racing, Moto Metal, ATX Series, and HELO. If you’re considering KMC XD Series rims for your truck, SUV, or Jeep, then you already know that your ride is going to stand far above the rest of the pack. But if you want to make your ride stand out even more and turn heads on every road, then look no further. Wheel Pros is now offering custom color paint jobs on all of its wheel brands– including KMC, KMC XD Series, Lorenzo, Motegi Racing, American Racing, Moto Metal, HELO, and ATX Series. How does it work? Well, that’s easy. Pick any wheel from any of these outstanding […]

New 2015 KMC XD Series Wheels Are Out

February 13, 2015 0

The new 2015 KMC XD Series rims have arrived! 2015 line: XD126 Enduro Pro, XD127 Bully and the XD128 Machete. They are available in satin black, satin grey and the XD128 Machete also has a machined face finish as well. Sizes for all of these new series range from 15″ up to 20×10. Click on the link below to see all the sizes available as well as the pricing. KMC XD Series did a really good job on their lineup for 2015. All the new models have that off-road aggressive theme to them. Right now, that is the most popular style that is selling for trucks and jeeps and XD Series wheels are definitely adding to the cause in every right way. If you have any […]