New 2015 Ruff Racing Wheels – Luxury, Custom, Stretch, Compact, Street

June 3, 2015 0

New 2015 Ruff Racing Rims: R1/R2, R362, R958, R358, Chrome, Satin Black, Bronze, Machined, Bright Green, Candy Red, Gloss White, Hyper Silver, Gold, Milled. The new rims from Ruff Racing are the epitome of street style. The Ruff line has become well known among car enthusiasts for their aggressive looks and excellent performance, and the new additions won’t disappoint– they’re bound to catch the attention of old and new Ruff fans alike. With striking looks and finishes ranging from classic to daring, the new Ruff rims will add a kick of brash attitude to your ride. The first three additions are the most understated, but are in no way boring. The R1 rim comes in chrome, satin black, and satin black with a machined face; the […]