New 2016 Monster Energy Wheels – Jeep, Truck, Off Road, SUV, Sport

January 22, 2016 0

New 2016 Monster Energy Limited Edition Rims: 535BM, 540B, 645MB, 649BA. Gloss black & CNC milled accents, machined face, beadlock, black with anthracite. There are few things that scream “bad-ass” as much as the instantly recognizable Monster Energy logo– the green claw slashes on a black background speak for themselves. And the Monster Energy rims live up to that bad-ass image in every way. These wheels have become known for their ferocious looks and outstanding off-road performance. Far from being a cheap corporate gimmick, the Monster Energy wheels are quality wheels that deliver top-notch ride quality for Jeeps and trucks. The new wheels for 2016 continue that reputation with style that will never get old. The new wheels for this year are as follows: first. […]

Brand New 2015 Monster Energy Wheels

January 12, 2015 2

Brand new for 2015 we are proud to announce the limited time offer for Monster Energy rims. New styles include: 539BM, 648B and 648MB. Get them while supplies last. The green logo caps don’t last long and they only produce a certain amount of each wheel. Once that wheel is sold out, it will be gone with the Monster “M” logo cap. The other models that remain on our site are 2014 models and there is a very limited supply left so get them while you can! They are a unique designed wheel that you won’t see everyone have. That is why it makes them so special. Take a look at Monster Energy Wheels today to get a nice set of rims that people will really […]