New 2016 Platinum Wheels – Staggered, Luxury, Car, SUV, Alloy

February 11, 2016 0

New 2016 Platinum by Ultra Rims: 410GN Divine, 432GN Elite, 433GN Hawk, 433U hawk, 434U Orion, 434SB Orion. Graphite, gloss black, satin black, diamond cut. Platinum may be a newer brand in the luxury wheel market, but they’ve made up for it by blasting to the top of the industry at high speed. They’ve proven their caliber with quality rims and high-tech manufacturing. It helps that they’ve got a sterling pedigree, too: their parent company is industry giant Ultra Wheels. Platinum offers a more high-end style than Ultra; while Ultra caters to the muscle car crowd, Platinum serves up elegant wheels in staggered fitments for the luxury market. Their designs are modern and refined, which is why their popularity has been so enduring since the […]

New 2015 Platinum Wheels Line

January 30, 2015 0

The new 2015 Platinum rims are in! New models: Divine 410BM & 410V, Allure CUV 252BM & 252V, Opulent 412GN & 412U and the Recluse 419BV. These new wheels look good with a lot of choices for style to choose from. You can select from the sleek modern luxury look to the rugged terrain look. This year’s Platinum Wheels will not disappoint. There is a wide array of different sizes and offsets to select from so you can have the best chance that they will properly fit you vehicle. For ANY fitment questions please call our experienced wheel and tire technicians at 800-232-0734 for guaranteed fitment or your money back! To see Platinum’s full line: Platinum Wheels