New 2016 Worx Alloy Wheels – Jeep, Truck, Off-Road, Deep Lip, Concave

January 28, 2016 0

New 2016 Worx Alloy Rims: 809BM Rebel, 809C Rebel, 810SB Sentry, 810BM Sentry. Gloss black with milled accents, chrome plated. Concave and convex styles. Worx is one of the top dogs in the truck and Jeep wheel business, and they’ve earned that reputation by far. They crank out wheels and dually wheels that are second to none in terms of toughness and bad-ass looks. They’re most known for their famous three-spoke Triad rim, and their heavy-duty Beast and Beast II wheel. But no matter which Worx style you go for, they all have that “ready-to-rock-and-roll” look that off-road enthusiasts want. Their designs are ultra aggressive, but not so overbearing that you’ll get tired of seeing them every day. And even though they’re stylish wheels, they’re […]

The New 2015 Worx Alloy Truck Wheels Are In

January 13, 2015 2

The brand new 2015 Worx rims line are in the building! New additions: Worx Ledge 807BM, Beast II 808BM and 808SB. Worx is a wheel line dedicated for trucks. With a lot of bolt patterns and offset to choose from you can find a wheel for almost any type of application. Dually trucks, you are included too!  Worx Alloy rims have dually truck rims included in their line. There are many different types of finishes from satin black, machined and black, chrome and bright PVD. Check out the Worx Wheels line New Worx Wheels for 2015:   Here is the rest of their line: