Pirelli Tires: Car/Light Truck, Motorcycle, Bike, Racing, Motorsport

May 11, 2015 0

Find the perfect Pirelli tires for your vehicle. Experienced tire experts waiting to help at 1-800-232-0734. Get the right Pirellis to suit your vehicle. Pirelli is a legendary tire company with a very long and very prestigious history. From its founding in 1872 all the way to the present, Pirelli has continued to be a top dog in the tire market worldwide. They started out in Italy manufacturing rubber items, from telegraph wires to very early bicycle tires, and now they dominate the business, and for good reason. Right from the start, Pirelli has been leading the competition in tire design and production. 1913 saw the first French Grand Prix won by a Peugeot running on none other than Pirelli tires. In 1925, they kept […]