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Pirelli is a legendary tire company with a very long and very prestigious history. From its founding in 1872 all the way to the present, Pirelli has continued to be a top dog in the tire market worldwide. They started out in Italy manufacturing rubber items, from telegraph wires to very early bicycle tires, and now they dominate the business, and for good reason.

Right from the start, Pirelli has been leading the competition in tire design and production. 1913 saw the first French Grand Prix won by a Peugeot running on none other than Pirelli tires. In 1925, they kept racking up the victories at the Italian Grand Prix, this time in an Alfa Romeo. 1974 brought Pirelli’s invention of the low profile tire, which continues to be immensely popular today. Even today, they continue to bring massive innovations to the market, such as their Cinturato P1, an environmentally-friendly tire designed to produce a guaranteed fuel consumption reduction for small and medium-sized cars. They have also been the sole supplier of Formula 1 tires since 2011, a contract that was originally planned for 2011 to 2013 but has been extended all the way to 2016. Today, the company’s primary goal is to create tires that are easy on the environment and strong on performance, safety, and durability.

Many of their new options offer the groundbreaking Run Flat technology, which gives the tire a self-supporting feature in case of total air pressure loss due to a puncture. With this feature, the flat tire can keep going for 50 miles at 50 mph; that extra bit of mobility on a flat could make a world of difference for the driver and their passengers.

Now, Pirelli is at the head of the pack with a significant addition to their brand: Original Equipment tires, designed specifically to fit and match the vehicles designed by their partner companies. The automotive companies in on this deal include Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ducati, Audi, Volvo, among a total of 100 other automotive partnerships– including agricultural companies like John Deere. Through these deals, Pirelli has designed over 1,800 homologated tires to fit their vehicles as accurately as possible. Pirelli has compared this innovation to clothes that are tailor-made for the wearer; the logic behind this bold move is that tailor-made clothes fit better than mass-produced ones, so why not create tires that are tailor-made for top-of-the-line vehicles? These tires are engineered to respond specifically to the electronic control systems of each vehicle model. It’s hard to argue with that reasoning and the results it has produced.

Their tires, both OE and generalized, live up to the standards of the brand’s 140-year history.  Whether it’s their road collection, their motorcycle line, or their motorsport line, all perform beautifully and with great style. The Cinturato car tire, in its various incarnations, has been in production since the 1950s and continues to be a top seller and an extremely popular choice worldwide. For SUVs and light trucks, the Scorpion tire is another contender with a long history and the performance record to back it up, with a wide range of options for all weather conditions. Their performance tires come in a variety of different choices, all optimized for whatever kind of performance conditions the driver can throw at them. Rally cars, circuit cars, slick tracks, track day, from competition-only to tires that can transition easily from track to street– there’s a competition tire to suit any and all needs.

To see Pirelli’s most popular tire choices: Pirelli tires.

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