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The Nitto tire brand lives up to their slogan of “Fueled by Enthusiasts”. Whether it’s off-road trucks, road cars, or racing cars, Nitto has tires that will carry you mile after mile with top-notch performance. Designed to stand up to heavy usage and intense driving, Nitto tires are made for auto enthusiasts of all types, from serious competitors looking to gain an edge on their competition, to everyday commuters wanting to spice up their daily ride. Their tires can handle anything, from rocks, mud, and sand, to high level street performance such as drifting and racing.

The Nitto brand started in the 1950s and has been growing their reputation ever since. They are heavily involved in a wide range of motorsports. They’ve been competing in Formula DRIFT events for a decade, as well as acting as a Formula DRIFT sponsor. They’re also a top sponsor of the King of the Hammers off-road racing event, and will be the title sponsor in 2015. With this extensive program of competition, as well as aggressive road testing, Nitto is on the leading edge of tire development. They are on the current forefront of developing new and improved tread designs and tire compounds.

Their high-tech, cutting-edge designs are evident on any of their tires. Take a look at ant of their Grappler tires, for instance: the Mud Grappler features chunky sidewall lugs, a high void ratio, and specially designed tread blocks to provide excellent traction in any conditions; the famous Terra Grappler is back and better than ever with the G2, engineered to suit both daily driving and off-road sports. The Terra Grappler is one of Nitto’s most popular tires and it’s easy to see why. It is engineered to be durable, have excellent traction, and to reduce road noise often associated with off-road tires. The coupling joints between tread blocks are reinforced to create more even wearing over time; the shoulder lugs are staggered to create additional grip and are extended partially down the sidewall to increase strength; and the tread block arrangement was computer analyzed to create a design that minimizes road noise. For all-weather off-roading all year round, there is the Exo Grappler with extra-thick sidewalls and extra-big sidewall lugs for durability, gear-shaped block edges and spiral-shaped stone ejectors to protect the tire from small stone damage over time, and special siping and lateral grooves to eject slush and water.

On the passenger side of the market, Nitto has options for all seasons and all drivers. There’s the NT555 summer tire, with a large contact patch to provide greater dry traction; the NT420S for trucks and SUVs, with asymmetrical and non-directional tread for cross-rotation and even wear;  the Motivo, an all-season tire for quiet comfort in the city and the country; and the NT90W, for severe winter weather, with grooves for better slush ejection, complex siping to enhance wet weather traction, and special materials for the weather.

For competition, there are three choices– all are D.O.T. compliant and optimized for maximum performance factor. NT05R and NT555R are specifically designed for drag racing, engineered for bursts of speed right off the line and sustained stability and speed down to the finish line. The NT05R is ideal for serious competition, with tread design made to create a large contact patch and provide an even pressure distribution; NT555R is perfect for weekend racers who like to take their car from track to street, designed with tread that can stand up to moderate road wear without losing performance on the strip. Both feature an extra-strong and stable sidewall design and both can be paired with perfectly matched road tires on the front axle. NT01 is Nitto’s road course tire, engineered for longevity and consistent lap times, with a maximized contact patch for great handling.

To see all of Nitto’s tires: Nitto tires.

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