New 2016 Dropstars Wheels – Off Road, Street, Truck, Car, SUV, Racing

January 26, 2016 0

New 2016 Dropstars Rims: 648BB black, 650B black, 650MB machined black, 651MB machined black. Deep lip and concave styles, off-road sport performance. Dropstars is a big name in the wheel business for their bold, bad-ass wheels. They’ve earned their reputation with wheel designs that have enduring style and tough construction. Made from one-piece die-cast alloy, these wheels aren’t going to go out of style in a year– they’ll look great for years and their quality will last just as long as their looks. Driving enthusiasts know that their ride is going to get a serious upgrade when they add Dropstars rims. The 2016 additions to Dropstar’s line are every bit as impressive as their existing wheels, and then some. There are four new wheels on […]