Luxury Meets The Trail: Asanti OffRoad Wheels

February 26, 2018 0

Have a glimpse of the Asanti OffRoad Wheels currently being made by one of the most luxurious rim producers on the market: AB807, AB808, AB809, AB810, AB811, and AB812 are featured for Asanti’s OffRoad series. Taking luxury as we know it to a new level by delivering original designs alongside immaculate finish options. Durable, lightweight, varying designs, numerous color choices, and a forging process that modifies the composition of the metal used in the construction process at a molecular level.  My favored wheel from this line is the AB810 in chrome, that has a design akin to a saw blade of epic proportions, in chrome. Don’t worry if Chrome isn’t your style, a good amount of these wheels come in Satin Black, Gloss Black or Matte […]