New 2016 Cruiser Alloy Wheels – Street, Car, SUV, Racing, Performance

January 22, 2016 0

New 2016 Cruiser Alloy Rims: 919C Enigma (chrome), 919MB Enigma (black), 921MB Pulsar (black), 920C Iconic (chrome), 920MB Iconic (black). Aluminum alloy. You can tell right away that Cruiser rims are made for motorists who are serious about a good drive. The brand name itself tells you that these are the ideal street wheels, made for rolling through the city and having a great time. They’re not just for a leisurely drive, though– these rims can handle a good race, too. They’re built for performance, made from lightweight aluminum alloy to enhance handling and braking. Cruiser Alloy is well known for the quality and style of their wheels and 2016 brings new rims that take the Cruiser name even further. On offer this year: there’s the […]

New 2015 Cruiser Alloy Wheels

January 14, 2015 0

The new 2015 Cruiser Alloy rims are in! The new styles for 2015 are the Paradigm 918V and 918MB. Also added is the Obsession 916V. They are great looking wheels with a modern design make to give that luxury look. There were a couple drops from the 2014 wheels but the new additions this year really make this collection unique and desirable. The new Paradigm 918MB and the Obsession 916V finishes come in bright PVD. PVD is a shiny finish that looks just like chrome. Never heard of PVD? Not a problem. If you go to this article we wrote, it explains the difference between chrome and PVD and explains why PVD is actually a better choice than chrome. A lot of wheel companies are now […]