New 2016 Cruiser Alloy Wheels – Street, Car, SUV, Racing, Performance

new 2016 cruiser alloy custom street performance

New 2016 Cruiser Alloy Rims: 919C Enigma (chrome), 919MB Enigma (black), 921MB Pulsar (black), 920C Iconic (chrome), 920MB Iconic (black). Aluminum alloy.

You can tell right away that Cruiser rims are made for motorists who are serious about a good drive. The brand name itself tells you that these are the ideal street wheels, made for rolling through the city and having a great time. They’re not just for a leisurely drive, though– these rims can handle a good race, too. They’re built for performance, made from lightweight aluminum alloy to enhance handling and braking. Cruiser Alloy is well known for the quality and style of their wheels and 2016 brings new rims that take the Cruiser name even further.

On offer this year: there’s the Enigma wheel, 919C and 919MB, with looks that are just as alluring as the name suggests. Available in chrome or machined back, this rim has an elegant design that will look classy and bold on any car or SUV. Take a look also at 921MB Pulsar, with an intriguing design. This one has spokes that contrast very nicely in machined black. Then, there’s the Iconic, 920C and 920MB. Just like the name implies, this one has a look that will always be recognizable and will never get outdated. Choose it in chrome for a classic look or in black machined for a modern twist.

To see all of Cruiser’s rim choices: Cruiser Alloy wheels.

To order Cruiser wheels for your ride, call us at 800-232-0734. Our experts are waiting to help you find the ideal match of wheels and tires for your car or truck. Getting the right fitment is just as important as finding that perfect set of wheels, so let us help you find the rims and tires that will elevate your ride to the next level of awesome.

new 2016 cruiser alloy custom street performance

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