New 2016 Drifz Wheels – Racing, Street, Competition, Luxury, Sport Car

new 2016 drifz custom wheels rims street performance racing tuner alloy

New 2016 Drifz Rims: 303BZ Hole Shot, 304M Circuit, 308BZ / 308GG / 308MB / 308LG / 308TG / 308OR / 308W Spec-R. Black machined, bronze, graphite, colors.

The brand name Drifz has become synonymous with tough street style, and for good reason. Drifz produces custom rims with sleek looks that boast aggression and clean lines. Often modeled after Japanese wheel trends, their styles are simple enough for luxury cars, while also being bold enough for any street style fans. Drifz has been dedicated all along to designs that are functional as well as stylish; their rims are built to perform, not just to look pretty. Their wheels are sure to satisfy hardcore sport enthusiasts as well as casual cruisers.

The new wheels for 2016 toss up electrifying colors as well as sharp style. Their popular Hole Shot wheel comes back big time with 303BZ, in metallic bronze to complement the wheel’s straightforward look. The Circuit wheel also makes a comeback with 304M, sporting a contrasting machined face and black lip. The biggest winner from the Drifz lineup this year is the Spec-R, with no less than seven new additions. There’s 308BZ in bronze, 308GG in graphite grey, 308MB in machined black, 308LG in lime green, 308TG in teal green, 308OR in orange, and 308W in gloss white. With a spectrum of colors like that to choose from, there’s no shortage of awesome options. The more subtle options are ideal for anyone who wants a classy enhancement to their ride, and the flashy colors are perfect for those who like the spotlight. Either way, whether you go big or go simple, you’re bound to turn heads with these wheels.

To see all the Drifz custom wheel options, go here: Drifz Wheels.

To get Drifz rims for your car or SUV, call us at 1-800-232-0734. Our wheel and tire experts have years of experience in the business. Their expertise will help you pick the wheels and tires that are perfect for your ride. Getting the right fitment is essential, and we’ll make sure you’re getting the size and bolt pattern you need. We guarantee fitment!

new 2016 drifz custom wheels rims street performance racing tuner alloy

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