New 2015 Dcenti Wheels – Off Road, Truck, Car, Jeep, Sport, Track, SUV

August 24, 2015 0

New 2015 Dcenti rims: DW990, DW995. Black Machined, Chrome, Black finishes. DW3, DW920, DW930, DW950, DW960, DW970, DW980. DW29, DW6A/B, DW9A/B, DW19A/B. There are a lot of big names in the wheel business and competition is heavy, but Dcenti is an up-and-coming name to keep an eye on. Their wheel line is relatively new and rapidly growing, with wheel styles that are rock-solid and eye-catching. Their rims are available in black, machined black, milled black, and chrome, and they look good in all available color options. This year sees two new additions to their Off-Road wheels, in four finishes each. There’s the DW990, featuring a V-shaped spoke design that will stand out on any truck or Jeep. DW995 has spokes that are wide and flat, […]