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landsail passenger tires

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Landsail may be fairly new in the tire business, compared to the familiar names like Goodyear and Bridgestone, but they are rapidly making a name for themselves. They have been hard at work since 2010 to establish themselves as a reputable name in tires for passenger vehicles, from small cars to big SUV/CUVs. They’re becoming known for safety and reliability, with a wide range of choices that all feature outstanding safety features and technologically innovative performance features. The parent company, Sentury Tire launched in 2009, has already become ranked as one of the top 75 tire companies worldwide.

Their most popular selections include the LS388, LS588, and LS988. The LS388 touring tire is made to balance outstanding fuel economy with excellent comfort and stability, for miles and miles. The LS588 brings the driver top-notch performance as an all-weather tire option, with design features engineered to balance wet and dry traction. The LS988 is built for speed, delivering fantastic handling on both wet and dry roads for adventurous drivers who like to speed things up a bit. All three are now available with Landsail’s Run Flat tech. Their reinforced sidewalls provide self-supporting strength in case of a flat; if the tire completely loses air pressure, the reinforced design of the tire stabilizes handling and lets the driver keep control of the vehicle, and it will carry you a few more miles so that you can get your vehicle to a safe place on the side of the road– or possibly even to an auto shop to replace the tire. With this tech, drivers can travel with confidence that a flat doesn’t have to spell disaster, even on freeways.

For less friendly weather, take a look at Landsail’s range of winter and snow tires– Winter Lander, Winter Star, and Snow Star. The Winter Lander and Star are optimized for excellent traction and comfort in snowy weather, and the Snow Star is designed for the winter needs of bigger vehicles such as minivans and vans. All are equipped with outstanding safety and performance design features.

To see Landsail’s range of tires: Landsail tires.

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