New 2015 KMC XD Series Wheels Are Out

2015 KMC XD Series Wheels Logo

The new 2015 KMC XD Series rims have arrived! 2015 line: XD126 Enduro Pro, XD127 Bully and the XD128 Machete. They are available in satin black, satin grey and the XD128 Machete also has a machined face finish as well. Sizes for all of these new series range from 15″ up to 20×10. Click on the link below to see all the sizes available as well as the pricing.

KMC XD Series did a really good job on their lineup for 2015. All the new models have that off-road aggressive theme to them. Right now, that is the most popular style that is selling for trucks and jeeps and XD Series wheels are definitely adding to the cause in every right way.

If you have any type of fitment, size, tire fitment or any other general question about these wheels or any other wheels we carry please don’t hesitate to call us: 800-232-0734. Our wheel and tire specialists have over 70 years of combined experience so they know the ‘in’s and out’s’ to sizing up wheels and tires for your vehicle. We are so confident that we offer a no hassle money back guarantee for fitment on your vehicle.

To see all of XD wheels: KMC XD Series Wheels

Below is an image I put together to help easily see the new additions for 2015.

New 2015 KMC XD Series Wheels

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