The New KMC XD Series Rockstar 3 XD827 Wheels Are Out

XD Series Rockstar 3 wheels

Are you looking for new 2017 XD Rockstar rims? We have them for you with all the different color options. There’s a lot to choose from and I’ll break it down.

KMC did a fantastic job this year with the XD series wheels line. They added a lot of options to choose from but one of the most diverse wheel models to be added this year is the XD Series Rockstar 3 XD827 rims. You can buy three different style of inserts and also different color center caps which you will see all below.

Let’s start with the base color finishes for the Rockstar 3 wheels. You can choose from either all matte black or matte black and machined face. From these two models, the possibility of options is amazing and I’ll explain all of that.

XD Rockstar 3 Base Model Wheels

There are three different insert types you can get: Ring, Mid Spoke and finally the Split Spoke insert. I put this image together below to help you see the differences between the options. All of these inserts come in a ton of different variety of colors. You can also see the star in the center cap is able to be changed out as well. When you order a set of these wheels they come automatically with the black Mid Spoke inserts. If you want to customize and go with other colors or styles, it will cost extra, but it’s very inexpensive. You can call us or email us any time to find out exact pricing and availability.

XD Rockstar 3 Insert Options

Below are are some of the different color options for all the inserts and the colors for the star in the center cap:

XD Series Rockstar 3 Wheels and Accessories


The reason we love these wheels so much is the fact you can buy a set of wheels and easily change the color out anytime you want to.. AT NO COST. You have the option to change the entire look of your vehicle on a daily basis if you wanted to. Maybe one day you want to go off road but don’t want to scratch up the colors in the wheel. No problem, remove the inserts, go off road, clean up and put back on the inserts. It’s that easy. You can see the wheels, size and prices here: XD Series Rockstar 3.

These are plastic inserts which means you can easily paint them to match the color of your vehicle or any other specific color if you wanted. If it doesn’t turn out the way you want, you can always re-paint them or order new inserts for cheap. You really can’t go wrong with the new XD Rockstar 3 wheels. They did a fantastic job.

If you have ANY questions at all, even if it doesn’t involve the XD Series Rockstar 3 wheels, call us. 800-232-0734. We have wheel and tire experts standing by ready to answer all your questions. They have over 100 years of combined experience. We are so confident in them, that we offer a guaranteed fitment or your money back, no questions asked.

XD Series Rockstar 3 wheels

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    • Daryl,
      Sorry they don’t come in amp’d. They do come in the colors you see on the picture on the article but you can have them painted to a different color. These are plastic inserts. I hope this helps!

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