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Why is American Force Wheels leading the industry?

American Force Wheels leads the industry because they understand that style and function are inseparable. And while America Force Wheels’
clientele enjoy a great mix of looks and utility, its true market distinction comes from the fact that many of its applications offers truck enthusiasts
significant cost savings through substantially longer tire life.

American Force Wheels dually models give 3/4-ton and 1-ton truck owners who use their vehicles to tow the ability to run semi-truck or heavy-duty
trailer commercial-grade tires in 19.5 or 22.5 sizes. Use of the American Force Wheel dually wheel in conjunction with a commercial grade tire eases
the strain of the load, allowing the tires to run cooler and more efficiently, ultimately leading to longer tire life. With some drivers racking up to
20,000 miles per month, they’re changing tires three to four times annually – that gets expensive. Using an American Force Wheel dually wheel
and commercial truck tire combo, drivers are realizing three to four times longer tire life, while also realizing savings by reducing the downtime required
for change-overs.

Another way American Force Wheels differs from its competition is that every product is custom – they carry no inventory at all. Since day one,
American Force Wheels has made it part of their business operations to first listen to customer’s needs and wants, and then design a wheel
that delivers the performance and looks desired.

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Learn more about the wheels from American Force

Innovators of the first dually pickup wheels in 2003, American Force Wheels are specifically designed and created for each customer
application in a variety of styles and finishes. The 19-inch and 19.5-inch wheels conveniently direct bolt-on require no modifications at all to
your suspension. Additionally, American Force Wheels is the only company that offers a true 20-inch, 22-inch, 24-inch and 26-inch dually wheel.
Modifications not done to exacting specifications can lead to breakage, seating problems and other risks and issues, including uneven tire wear.
American Force Wheels 22-inch, 24-inch and 26-inch dually wheels are not modified, providing truck owners safety and long tire life.
Currently, American Force Wheels offers dually wheels in 65 designs for all-terrain, mud-terrain, low-profile and big rig use and appearance.

Sizes include: 19” Direct Bolt-On • 19.5” Direct Bolt-On • 20” • 22” • 22.5” • 24” • 24.5” • 26”

Available for super-single or dually, American Force’s portfolio of uniquely designed, superior-strength 6061 aluminum wheels has something
for every work truck owner and enthusiast interested in quality, design and strength. The wheels come in a powder-coated or mirror finish and
are ready for the street, the mud or the long haul.

Super Single Wheels – American Force Wheels offers super single wheels in a variety of applications and design configurations for both all-terrain

and mud-terrain use. New models, designs and sizes are always in development for super single wheels, with offerings at present, including:

8-lug wheels in 38 designs and 11 sizes • 6-lug wheels in 14 designs and 11 sizes • 5-lug wheels in 14 designs and 11 sizes

New five and six lug designs – Due to customer demand, American Force has recently expanded its product line to include Super Single 5-Lug Series wheels
in 14 styles for 1/2-ton pickups like the Toyota Tundra, Dodge Ram 1500 and TJ and JK Jeeps that range from 20” x 9” to 24” x 14.” The new Super Single 6-Lug
Series in 14 distinctive designs will fit such vehicles as the Ford Raptor, Ford F-150, Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Tahoe and 1500 Series GMC/Chevy pickups, among others.

Adapters – American Force Wheels offers three types of adapters: standard, aggressive and tuck, in front and rear pairs,
for its 20-inch, 22-inch, 22.5-inch, 24-inch, 24.5-inch and 26-inch wheels, which can use either adapters or be direct bolt-on.

Accessories – To complement its line of wheels, American Force Wheels offers a variety of front and rear center cap kits and lug nut covers,
finished in ABS chrome, plastic chrome or flat-black. These caps won’t rust so you can rest assure that your caps will complement your wheels
for the long haul!

Other Services – In addition to designing and manufacturing functional and stylish super single and dually wheels, American Force Wheels conveniently
makes mounted and balanced tire and wheel packages available for its customers. Because not all tire shops can offer the semi-truck or heavy-duty trailer
commercial-grade tires that fit American Force Wheels products, the company created this one-stop shopping service.

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  1. I have an e 350 frame with a fed ex utilimaster cab and box.. I would like to lower the whole thing. Low profile tires truck tires like on my 2500 dodge. I won’t be carring any weight in the fed ex truck so I want 18″ rims w low profile tires! Air bags? Lowing spindles? Lowering arms? Please advise

    • Hi Kent. The best thing for all those questions is to just give us a call 800-232-0734 from Mon-Fri (8:30am-6pm) or Sat (9am-4pm). There is a lot of questions and it would go much quicker with a call instead of messages.

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