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Toyo Tires has been a big name in the tire business for decades now, and it’s a reputation that they have built up with outstanding innovations and reliable products. A reputation like Toyo’s doesn’t come about overnight or by providing shoddy service, and they live up to their name, and they’ve been working on that legacy since the 1960s. They have facilities and operations all around the world, and they’ve been proving their toughness in motorsports over and over again.

There’s no better way to show off the quality of a company’s tires than under the harsh conditions of competition, and Toyo’s tires have been rising to the challenge for decades. Their Proxes R888 has been the official spec tire of the SCCA World Challenge since 2001, and that’s just one claim to fame. Toyo Tires have been winning trophies in all types of races, from drag strips to desert courses and asphalt tracks. In 2007 and 2008, famous driver Tanner Foust won the Formula Drift Championship on Toyo Proxes R1R. What do all these different victories amount to, besides an impressive trophy shelf? It means that Toyo has had ample opportunity to test their tires in a wide range of settings and conditions– and that’s good for everyday drivers too, because it means better tires with better handling and safety features– for weekend racers and daily commuters alike.

If you favor hefty SUVs and trucks, take a look at the Open Country series– they bring both off- and on-road traction and handling to the party, capable of taking on any challenge the driver can toss at them. To give your high-performance car a major boost, take a look at the Proxes line. These performance tires cover the full range– there’s choices for everyday drivers looking to add some spice to their daily routine; weekend racers who want to go from track to street without losing any handling; and even full-slick and drag radial competition tires. And, naturally, all of their competition tires are DOT approved and are engineered to help your car apply its full power to the pavement.

On the high-end side, check out the Versado line of luxury tires. These touring tires are designed to take your luxury vehicle above and beyond in handling and comfort. There are three Versados to choose from, but that small number covers all your options, from small coupe to SUV. plus an eco-friendly option for your snazzy hybrids. And for those who don’t want to sacrifice quality for price, look no further than the Extensa line. With two all-season tires to choose from, they provide the same level of high-tech performance that you’d expect, but at a very agreeable price. Cheaply-priced doesn’t have to mean cheaply-made, after all.

To see all of Toyo’s tires, look here: Toyo tires.

When you want to find the right Toyos for your vehicle, call our experienced tire experts at 1-800-232-0734. They have extensive knowledge of the tire business and with their assistance, you’re sure to find the Toyos that are the perfect fitment for your vehicle. No matter what you drive, we can find you the tires to match your lifestyle and your budget.

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