New 2015 U2 Wheels – Staggered, Racing, Sport Truck, Car, SUV, Luxury

new 2015 U2 custom wheels rims

New 2015 U2 Rims: U2-33A, U2-33B, U2-36A, U2-36B. Black, chrome, machined black. New performance wheels, custom rims, street style, 5-lug and 6-lug wheel.

There are plenty of companies offering staggered fitment wheels, but in a business as competitive as street-style wheels, you’ve gotta make your name stand out with a wheel line that offers edgy looks and superior performance. That is exactly what U2 Wheels has been doing, and their efforts are paying off. Their line of wheels feature styles that demand to be seen and appreciated.

The U2 wheel collection serves up designs that are fresh and original, with lots of flash and attitude. Some of their designs are more low-key than others, while some are way more brash and aggressive-looking. This variety should suit all tastes, from those who want to keep it subtle to those who want to go all-out.

There are two new wheels this year—each one comes in a five and six lug option, so you can get a staggered fitment. Both of them are on the understated side, compared to some of U2’s other designs, but they have classy good looks that will stay timeless.

The 33A and 33B wheels have a classic style, with simple, flat spokes—but the black machined and black milled options really highlight the clean lines of the style; and of course, chrome is always a great option for wheels like this one. The 36A and 36B wheels get a bit more complex in their style; they have a design with divided spokes, creating a look that’s very eye-catching but not too over the top. Both styles, in either lug pattern, are excellent choices for any driver looking to bring street-style coolness to their ride.

To see all of U2’s wheel choices: – U2 Wheels

To get the perfect U2 wheels for your vehicle, call us at 1-800-232-0734. Our wheel experts have decades of experience in the wheel and tire business to help you get the rims and tires that will take your ride to the next level. We have the professional knowledge to help you find the right fitment for your vehicle. We guarantee fitment!

new 2015 U2 custom wheels rims

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