New 2015 Mandrus Wheels – Mercedes Benz, Luxury, Performance, Staggered

new 2015 mandrus mercedes benz custom wheels rims

New 2015 Mandrus Rims: Atlas / Atlas 6, 5 lug and six lug, machined gunmetal, matte black. OE fitment, monoblock, rotary forged, multi-piece. OE replacement.

When you drive a Mercedes Benz, you expect nothing less than the best from your ride. German auto engineering is renowned for its quality and attention to detail. And if you’re going to replace your OE wheels for custom rims, you want to be sure that you’re getting wheels that can live up to the standards of the rims you’re taking off. Luckily for Mercedes Benz drivers, Mandrus Wheels is here to provide.

Mandrus makes wheels specifically for Mercedes cars and SUVs; each wheel is engineered to match the offsets and fitments of OE Mercedes rims. That way, the performance of each rim measures up to the quality of the OE wheels. Their wheels are carefully engineered to handle the driving needs of Mercedes owners– they’re designed to be an upgrade, not just a replacement. And in terms of style– well, Mandrus designs their rims to follow the Mercedes tradition of blending classy style with flawless performance. There’s no messing around here: just high-end rims that are made to deliver outstanding performance and look great while doing it.

The new wheel for this year is the Atlas. Available in 5 and 6 lugs, it’s a classic style with a modern twist. This rim features wide, flat spokes that have elegant details packed in, giving it a look that will catch anyone’s eye. It’s available in machined gunmetal or matte black, and no matter which finish you choose, it looks fantastic (although the gunmetal finish does an especially nice job of highlighting the clean-cut lines of this style). With these wheels on your ride, you’ll have envy brewing left and right everywhere you go. You might even create a few new Mercedes enthusiasts.

To see all of the Mercedes wheels by Mandrus, go here: Mandrus Wheels.

When you’re ready to upgrade your Mercedes rims, call us at 1-800-232-0734. Our wheel and tire pros have decades of combined experience in the business and they can guide you to the perfect fitment for your car, truck, or SUV. Getting the right fitment is just as important as picking the best style for your ride. With our help, you’re guaranteed to get the perfect wheels to optimize your ride.

new 2015 mandrus mercedes benz custom wheels rims

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