Ohtsu Tires: All-Season, Summer, High Performance, Value, Light Truck

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All drivers want the best tires for their ride, of course– but sometimes, high-end tires are just not an option. Luckily, if you’re on the hunt for a good value, Ohtsu Tire has got you covered. Made by Falken Tire, Ohtsu is a smaller brand but a good one. The tires that they offer deliver excellent performance at bargain value, and since they come from a well-respected company like Falken, you know you’re getting good quality for your money too.

Since the Ohtsu tire line is on the small side, it means they don’t leave room for anything that’s less than their best. Take a look at these three options and see for yourself:

First, there’s the FP7000– an all-season performance tire with features geared towards superior cornering, braking, and acceleration. This tire has a low-profile sidewall for a sharp, stylish look on your ride. The tread block is designed to reduce road noise, for a quiet ride. It’s strengthened through tread rigidity and structural support for safer handling, and it also features high-volume grooves for better resistance to hydroplaning. In other words, whether you’ve got rain or sunshine, this tire has got your back. Plus, with its non-directional tread, you can rotate the tires in multiple ways to extend the usefulness of each one and reduce uneven tread wear.

Next is the FP8000, a summer tire made for outstanding dry handling. Ideally suited for sedans and coupes, this one features directional tread designed to give you the quietest ride possible. The tread blocks and ribs are engineered to deliver precise handling. And for those of you that like a little speed in your daily driving, the tread blocks and contact patch are designed to provide excellent stability and increased durability at high speeds. And on top of all that, the tire features grooves for hydroplaning resistance if you run into wet weather. All in all, this tire is spot-on for your sporty smaller ride.

Lastly is the ST5000. This one’s for the truck and SUV drivers, delivering all-season performance for a wide range of driving conditions. It’s made to take bad weather, with deep tread and groove designs to handle rain and mud, and even snow. It features full-depth siping and lateral grooves for water dispersion and wet-weather traction, and a good, sturdy center rib structure for extra stability and rigidity on the highway. And, naturally, the tread block pattern is engineered for even wear and reduced noise to give you a comfortable and quiet ride.

To see all of Ohtsu’s tire choices: Ohtsu Tires.

To get the right Ohtsu fitment for your vehicle, call our tire experts at 1-800-232-0734. They are pros with decades of combined experience in the tire business, and their expertise will guide you to the perfect Ohtsu tires. Getting the right fitment is important, and with our assistance, you’re sure to find the right tires for your lifestyle and vehicle.

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