New 2016 Gear Alloy Wheels – Truck, Jeep, SUV, Off-Road, Ford, Chevy

new 2016 gear alloy custom wheels rims truck off road Jeep ford chevy

New 2016 Gear Alloy Rims: 726BM Big Block, 739BZ Endurance, 740B Manifold, 740MB Manifold, 741BM Mechanic, 741MB Mechanic, 738GB Switchback.

If you’re looking for a tough, aggressive style for your truck or Jeep, Gear Alloy is the way to go. There’s few names in the wheel business that have the same reputation for rims that feature such imposing designs, and as always they’re backed up by the best quality. Off-road driving enthusiasts who want their ride to look bad-ass know that Gear Alloy has got them covered. Their wheels stand up to the toughest road conditions and their aggressive looks always stand out, no matter how much mud and sand is coated onto them.

There’s a lot of new wheels for 2016. Some are new, some are updates on old Gear Alloy favorites, and they’re all bad-ass. The biggest name in the Gear line is the popular Big Block wheel, which has a striking new finish for this year: 726BM Big Block, gloss black with CNC milled accents on the spokes. It’s a design that stands out, without stealing the show from your prized Jeep or truck. Another update is 739BZ Endurance– joining the previous black and gunmetal finish is a new option for matte bronze with a black lip. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants to be more original than the usual black or chrome. The Switchback rim has an addition too, 738GB in gunmetal with gloss black spoke and lip accents. This may be a dark finish, but it stands way out from the crowd.

On the flashier side is the Manifold wheel, an entirely new rim for this year. It’s available in solid satin black or machined black, but there’s a twist to this one: it comes with customizable black or chrome spoke inserts, so you can have wheels that are 100% unique to your ride. Manifold has a wide spoke style that takes Gear Alloy’s aggressive rep to the max. This is a style for drivers that mean business; it’s a look that tells people not to screw around with you. With the custom insert options, now that’s guaranteed to put you at the center of attention on the road. The Mechanic is also a new rim for 2016, available in black with milled spokes or black with machined accents. Both are ultra flashy and will turn heads everywhere you go.

To see Gear Alloy’s complete line: Gear Alloy Wheels.

To get Gear Alloy rims for your vehicle, call us at 800-232-0734. We have a team of wheel and tire experts with decades of experience, and they’ll get you the right fitment for your car, truck, or Jeep. You definitely need the right fitment for your vehicle, and we can help you find wheels and rims with the perfect fitment and the perfect style. We guarantee fitment!

new 2016 gear alloy custom wheels rims truck off road Jeep ford chevy

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