Lexani CSS10 20″ Luxury Rims – 2000 Jaguar XJ Vanden Plas

2000 jaguar xj vanden plas 20 inch lexani css 10 custom wheels rims

Lexani CSS-10 20×8.5 wheels on the 2000 Jaguar XJ Vanden Plas luxury car. Our customer loves these perfectly matched wheels and tires!

If you’ve got a Jaguar, then you’re the kind of driver who wants the best of the best. You’re looking for that luxury experience. So if you’re gonna go all-out on choosing a car, why would you want to settle for stock wheels? Instead, take an example from our latest satisfied customer– add some custom wheels like these! Here we have a 2000 Jaguar XJ, sporting some Lexani CSS-10 20-inch rims. Lexani’s as iconic for luxury in the aftermarket wheel world as Jaguar is in the car world. So this match-up of rims and vehicle is only natural, of course. The simple but elegant style of the CSS-10 complements the old-school style of the Jaguar XJ. This is a timeless combination that surpasses trends and will never be out of date. Our customer’s gonna be riding in style for years to come!

The details:

2000 Jaguar XJ Vanden Plas

Wheels: Lexani CSS-10 20×8.5

Tires: 245/35-20

See the Lexani CSS-10 in all finishes: Lexani CSS-10 Wheels
See all of Lexani’s rims: Lexani Custom Wheels

When you want to add some custom wheels to your ride, call us at 800-232-0734! Our team has tons of expertise, and they’ve been in the custom wheel and tire game for decades. With their knowledge, you’re sure to find the wheels and tires that are perfect for your car, truck, or SUV.

2000 jaguar xj vanden plas 20 inch lexani css 10 custom wheels rims

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