2014 Ford F250 22×14 American Force Blade SS8 Wheels

2014 Ford F250 American Force Blade SS8 Wheels

Take a look at our customer’s 2014 Ford F250 with 22×14 American Force Blade SS8 Polished Rims and Nitto tires. This set up is just awesome. What a bad ass looking truck. You just can’t go wrong with American Force wheels on any type of truck. The polished wheels really accent this black Ford F250 extremely well. Every black truck that we have done in polished or chrome wheels always comes out really well. We really like the aftermarket front bumper too.

Almost everyone has heard of American Force wheels. If you haven’t, you need to look into them. American Force rims have been on the scene for over ten years now but one of the most respected and sought after wheel brands. One of the biggest questions we hear is who should I buy American Force from? Make sure to buy from a trusted company because they are expensive and you want to trust who you give your hard earned money to. Here is an article explaining why we are a trusted company with American Force. Where to buy American Force from. We are one of the top American Force vendors in the entire nation which American Force themselves can verify if you have any doubts about us.

Full Set Up:

22×14 American Force Blade SS8

40×15.50-22 Nitto Trail Grappler

10″ lift

If you have any questions at all regarding American Force wheels or any other wheel brand, please don’t hesitate to get a hold of us. You can call us during our business hours at 800-232-0734. If you try to contact us after business hours, you can use the contact us page and send us a message any day, any time. We will respond back as soon as we can. You can also reach us on social media and send us a message there on Twitter, Google+, Facebook or Instagram.

2014 Ford F250 American Force Blade SS8 Wheels


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