6 Benefits of Getting a Wheel Alignment

As we all know, we need to change the engine oil of a vehicle after every few thousand miles. Maybe a new battery every two to four years. Thus, why don’t we consider wheel alignments routine preventative maintenance for our cars? Foose wheel alignments are frequently overlooked, but over time, they can result in catastrophic harm. 

The six advantages of making wheel alignment a routine maintenance procedure for your car are listed below.

What are the Benefits of a Wheel Alignment?

1. Fuel Efficiency 

Gas mileage might drop by up to 10% in a car with improper alignment. It requires more trips to the neighborhood gas station with a larger vehicle or truck and is expensive, especially over time. Instead of moving quickly, a misaligned vehicle’s tires drag. You’ll use less fuel and pay less at the pump if you get your Foose wheels aligned.

2. Smoother Ride

When your car’s tires are out of alignment, they will pull to the left or right, giving you a bumpy and jerky ride. If the Foose wheels are correctly aligned, your car will ride more smoothly and provide a more comfortable driving experience.

3. Improved Steering

It’s more difficult to steer if your car’s wheels are out of line. Even worse, you might find yourself moving from side to side or gripping the steering wheel at an uncomfortable angle. Your chance of getting into an accident rises as a result of this loss of control. You may avoid these issues with proper Foose wheel alignment and maintain steady vehicle control.

4. Fewer Repairs

A misaligned vehicle may cause more severe problems that cost more money in the long run. You risk harming your tires and suspension more if you can’t avoid hitting road damage or debris. Regular wheel alignments may only cost a small amount of money, but they could save you from making larger, more expensive repairs later on.

5. Safety

The danger of incorrect wheel alignment cannot be emphasized enough. The lack of control brought on by the misalignment will make it harder to steer your car around any road debris or if you need to move it quickly to avoid an accident. Make sure your car is correctly aligned out of concern for safety itself.

6. Tire Life

The misalignment of your car may cause uneven tire wear and shorter tread life. If you put off getting a Foose wheel alignment, you can end yourself needing new tires more frequently than necessary. Bring your car in to be checked for an alignment if it has any steering problems or if you notice uneven or early tire wear.

Below are the three types of tire wear to look out for

  • Feathering – When the tread is smooth or worn down on one side and sharp on the other, tires are said to be “feathered.” This kind of tire wear happens when several incorrect alignment settings are present.
  • Camber Wear – It may be camber wear if the inside or outside of your tires’ treads are more worn than the center. Positive and negative camber wear are the two distinct types of camber wear. When your tires are tilting outward, you will experience positive camber wear. When they are tilting inward, you will experience adverse camber wear. Your car may need a wheel alignment if there is too much camber wear in either direction.
  • Heal and Toe Wear – Your car’s noise or vibration could indicate heel or toe tire degradation. When the tread blocks on the tires are wearing more quickly on one side than the other, this is known as heel and toe wear.


To make sure none of these problems arise, it is advised that you have your tires aligned after every 6,000 miles. A routine Foose wheel alignment will prolong the life of your tires, increase fuel efficiency, and keep you safe.

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