How to Choose the Right Blitz Wheels to Experience the Difference in Your 4*4 Vehicles

Changing your vehicle’s factory wheels for a brand-new set of aftermarket rims is a popular modification many 4×4 enthusiasts do to alter the appearance of their cars. Even though it’s mostly a cosmetic modification for aesthetic reasons, it’s out of necessity due to a higher lift or even larger tire size. 

These days, 4x4s are diverse, with enthusiasts looking to go wheeling on dirt, trails, sand, rocks, mountains, and so much more. The fact that there is an off-road style for every taste, inclination, and desire is the most excellent thing about modern 4x4s.

Blitz Wheels are a fantastic range of 4×4 wheels if you are looking to do some true off-roading and need the right wheels to do it. It is also essential to choose the right wheels for your 4×4. After all, having the wrong wheel diameter or even bad backspacing can cause problems in the long run. 

In this blog, we will share some points to help you choose the right Blitz wheels for your offroading 4×4 vehicles. 

  • Diameter

The diameter is how large the wheel is across the circumference. The larger the wheel, the shorter the tire sidewall will be. So, the first question is, how short do you want your sidewall?

For off-road, you want a larger tire sidewall to allow the tire to wrap around obstacles and provide more traction. For street use, you want a shorter sidewall to get better handling, as the tire won’t deflect as much around corners.

You also need to pay attention to what size of wheel will fit your vehicle, as brakes can come into contact with too small wheels.

  • Width

Width is even simpler than diameter. It is a measurement of the rim’s width. The tire size you’re putting in will determine the rim width you should choose.

If your rim is too wide for your Blitz wheel, then the bead can pop off easily. Whereas if your rim is too narrow, your tire profile will shift, giving you poorer traction and an unfavorable wear pattern.

  • Backspace

Backspace is the distance between the wheel’s mounting surface and the rim’s inside edge.

A low backspace, on the other hand, will make the wheel “poke” out of the wheel well, which might be a cool look but will affect the scrub radius and cause the tire to rub on the fenders or firewall.

  • Offset

The final metric is offset, which has a direct relationship to backspace. In essence, offset describes how far the mounting surface of the wheel is from the centerline of the wheel. This is the sole specification in “MILLIMETERS” that is there by accident.

Lower backspacing corresponds to a lower offset. Off-road users frequently use offsets of 0 or -10.


You should consider the above mentioned points when buying Blitz wheels for your off-road adventures. We at Hubcap Tire & Wheel provide an affordable and fantastic range of wheels and rims, which helps enhance your vehicle’s appearance without much effort. To learn more about different ranges of wheels and rims, visit our official website. 

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